Can you bottle feed a baby in a car seat?

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Modern parents aren’t afraid to take kids traveling in a car and exploring new locations. If you are one of them and going on a long trip, the number one question for you should be how to arrange a feeding for a children in a car seat.

Is it actually allowed to bottle feed in a car seat? How safe is it? What things should be considered if you decide to feed your kids in a car?

Let’s discuss it in this article.

Bottle feeding in the car

While most practicing doctors do not recommend feeding babies in car seats, you certainly can do it, considering safety measures. Bottle feeding an infant in a car is legally allowed in all states, but what is not allowed is to be breastfeeding a baby in a moving vehicle because all the passengers must be strapped.

If you do have the option to park the car somewhere to feed the baby, it will be a wise decision. The baby will get some rest, as it is not safe to keep her in a car seat for a long time. The feeding will be more baby remains comfortable for you and the baby. It is safer and more convenient. Most car seat manufacturers say that a children shouldn’t be in a car seat for more than two hours a day.

Can you bottle feed a baby in a car seat

What can be done if you can’t pull over, but your child is getting hungry?

How do you feed baby during your travels?

The best thing would be to plan your trip considering the extra time you might need for stopping the car for feeding time. This would be the safest and wise decision. If you are on a tight schedule or there is nowhere to stop, feeding children in a car seat must be done carefully, considering the moments to make the feeding process safer.

Pay attention to the following tips:

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When you are traveling with your baby in a car seat, remember:

Avoid feeding your baby while the vehicle is moving

Stop the car, and take the baby out of the car seat. Feeding in a car can cause motion sickness which in turn is a choking hazard and must be taken seriously.

The bumpy road and a moving car can cause a baby to swallow air along with food. That will cause the gas bubbles to develop in her tummy and the baby will be in pain from stomach cramps.

Keeping yourself hydrated

If you are a nursing mother of a newborn infant, make sure you drink a lot of water. Total water intake should be no less than sixteen cups per day to compensate for everything you use to make breast milk. So it is a good idea to keep a water bottle in the car.

Taking regular breaks during the trip

When you travel with a child in a car seat, make sure to stop the car regularly so that your little one can rest, stretch and eat in peace. It is known that you can’t keep your child sitting upright in a car seat for longer than two hours.

Can you bottle feed a baby in a car seat

When planning your trip, find out where the rest stops and gas stations are located. To keep your baby safe, feeding must be done when the car is not moving and the baby is out of the car seat.

If you are nursing a baby, it can only be done if the car is stopped. For the safety of both you and your baby, never breastfeed in a moving automobile.

When your baby is formula-fed, it’s not always possible to stop and feed him. Pulling over to a safe location is always the safest way to go.

Choosing a suitable feeding place

Choosing the right place for nursing is the key to a happy baby and a stressless journey. Park your car by the nearest gas station or a hotel. It must be a quiet and secure place where you and your baby will feel safe.

Wearing comfortable nursing clothing

To get some privacy while baby feeding, consider wearing comfortable nursing clothes or using a nursing cover. It will give you extra coverage and you won’t need to disrobe.

Necessary accessories

If you have a breastfed baby, make sure to pack a fridge to store your breastmilk as well as a portable charger for your pump, which may plug into a car adaptor if necessary.

How to feed babies in car seats

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If you decide to baby bottle-feed your baby in a car seat, the following safety tips must be considered:

1. Choosing the right baby bottle for feeding

Avoid feeding from bottles with orthodontic nipples because they can lead to your baby dehydrated. They design in a way that the fluid intake is reduced. Rather opt for good quality bottles with firm nipples or in some cases sippy cups.
Choosing the top quality baby bottle will also help to prevent choking and aspirating fluids.

2. Removing the bottle from an infant car seat after a car feeding

In case of an accident, a bottle can injure your baby. That is why as soon as feeding is done, pack the baby bottle away from the little one.

3. Make sure the car seat is correctly installed following the manufacturer’s instructions

If the car seat is improperly installed, your baby will be at risk. It is advisable to check the installation of the car seat by professionals before you head for a long trip. When it comes to the safety of your child, no harm in checking everything twice.

4. Keeping your baby buckled in the car seat at all times to prevent a choking hazard

Always use the infant car seat harness to keep your baby safe in a car seat. The car seat straps must be adjusted for your baby. It will help to prevent choking hazards and can save the baby’s life in the event of an accident. The car seat strap mustn’t be loose to keep your baby firm in the car seat.

5. Never leave your baby unattended

Stay next to your child at all times. Anything can happen in a time of seconds. It is best to hold your child while you bottle feeding. If it is not possible, always hold the bottle yourself to avoid choking hazards.

6. Motion sickness

If your baby is prone to sickness in a motor vehicle it is best to avoid bottle feeding in a moving automobile altogether. Either feed your child before leaving for a car ride or stop somewhere while traveling. It is also advisable to not overfeed a child to prevent vomiting in a car seat later on.

Can you bottle feed a baby in a car seat

Feeding baby solid food in the safety seat

If you have older kids in the car with you, it is not necessary to stop the vehicle for feeding time.  

You can take toddler pouches with you to give to the kids as a snack. The consistency of the pouched baby food is perfect for having during the car ride. It doesn’t require to use of utensils. It is also less messy. The variety of flavors is large.

Can you feed baby solids in the car? We would recommend staying away from anything that can cause your kid to choke. Any fruit, biscuits, nuts, or sweets are the snacks that you should give to your kids only when you stop the car and they are supervised.

Regardless, eating outside of a vehicle will keep the interior of your car clean. Therefore we do not recommend giving feed baby solids in the car

What food items to avoid giving your kids in car seat

Anything that babies can choke on shouldn’t be given while in car seats. It includes hard food like nuts, vegetables like carrots or cucumber, any type of candy, popcorn, cherry tomatoes, or grapes.

You also have to always supervise your baby while she is eating, to control the amount of food in the baby’s mouth.

What can you feed in a car seat

Sip cups designed fconstructed of silicon and pose no danger in the event of an accident. They are for keeping your baby hydrated

Meal Pouches. You can prepare for toddler pouches with fruit or other ingredients. Some companies make them out of silicone, which makes them soft to chew and ideal for teething children.

Is it safe to breastfeed a newborn in a car?

It is not safe to breastfeed your baby in a moving car. Every passenger in the vehicle must be strapped using a seat belt. Hence you should find a rest stop to feed baby.

After you have given the baby food, do not forget to spend some time burping her to prevent the food from being brought up while in a car seat.

Always take a regular break and feed your baby by stopping the car.

How to burp a baby in a car seat? 

It is important to burp your baby after feeding to prevent vomiting during a car ride. There are a couple of ways you can do it.

  1. If you are breastfeeding, stop the car in a secure place, take the baby out of a car seat, and after feeding, burp her holding her upright.
  2. If you bottle feeding, burping your baby sitting upright in a car seat is also possible. Use patting motions on babies back.

Burping a child in a car seat is quite inconvenient hence the best way to do it is while the vehicle Is parked somewhere so you can walk holding your baby in your arms.


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Can you feed a baby in a moving car?

If it is not possible to stop for feeding your baby, you can feed her in a car seat from a bottle. Make sure you use the tips suggested in this article to ensure the safety and health of your baby.

How long can baby be in car seat?

The safety experts and pediatricians do not recommend keeping your children in car seats for longer than two hours. If you are planning a long journey, make sure there are enough rest stops on the way. Everyone needs a stretch including your little ones. You can also use this time for bottle feeding babies.

Make sure that you are using a seat belt to keep the car seat secured in a car and car seat straps are adjusted for your baby’s size. Nothing must be loose or too tight.

When can babies feed themselves a bottle?

Most babies can bottle feed themselves at six months of age. But a child should never drink from a bottle unsupervised.


Traveling doesn’t end with you becoming a parent. Don’t be afraid of taking your babies with you to enjoy special moments. You just have to plan the feeding times during the trip before leaving. We hope the safety tips from this article will help you to make the journey for your little one safe and comfortable.

Share the article with parents who like to travel with their kids so they know how to safely feed children in a car seat. If you still have questions left, write them in the comment section below.

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