Car Seat & Shopping Carts:a dangerous combo

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Car Seat & Shopping Carts:a dangerous combo

If you are out and planning to visit the grocery store, you definitely will not leave your baby locked up in the car alone, especially the one that is asleep. Most parents just place the infant car seat atop shopping cart. But is it actually safe to do so?

How safe is it to put in a cart

For many parents, infant car seats have become more than just car seats for their kids. They take them to the shops and use them as strollers when attached to the stroller frames. Kids usually being put on top of the shopping cart and nap there as well.

The study conducted by the American academy of pediatrics found showed the number of injuries babies get sitting in the car seat. Every year nearly 10,000 babies get harmed sitting in car seats outside of the vehicle. At least ten percent of them get injured severely.

The consumer product safety commission presented a document regards to the most common injuries connected to shopping carts. Around eighty-five percent of all injuries are from falling. Sixty-five percent of infants fell off the infant car seats, and fifteen percent of infants fell from raised surfaces such as a shopping cart or a counter top.

Every infant car seats manufacturer has information regards to placing a car seat atop shopping cart. Car seat user manuals state – do not use on shopping carts.

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The car seat is not meant to be used outside the vehicle at all. Your child is not being safe if he sits in a car seat for too long.

The most common dangers related to car seats

Paying attention to the common dangers related to placing a car seat on top of the shopping cart is quite important.

  1. Child’s head injury

Sadly, using a car seat on atop shopping carts is the frequent source of head injury among babies. According to studies, every twenty minutes one child is admitted to the hospital with trauma.

Some of the injuries are quite severe but most importantly, some of them end up being fatal to a baby.

The number of cases related to concussions is seriously high as well.

Most parents place a car seat on top of a shopping cart because they think it is designed for that purpose, but it is not true. Most babies are not so lucky to be rescued by a store employee catch in case of falling.  

All these cases can be prevented by namely the parent.

2. Car seats are not designed to be put on top of a shopping cart

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Some modern shopping carts have warning signs to not place a baby in a car seat on top of it. Most people don’t notice them and the ones that do notice prefer to ignore them.

Carts are not stable and the chance of the cart tipping over with a car seat placed on top of it is high. Also, it is very difficult to position the car seat at the right angle onto the shopping cart. If you do not do it correctly, a child’s head can flop which might cause your child to stop breathing.

If you keep your baby in an infant car seat for long periods, it can cause a flattening of babies back, which will require some medical treatment later on.

Things you need to know

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In order to keep your child safe while he is in a car seat:

Keep your child buckled while in a car seat

You must always use the child’s straps. Make sure you pull them tight. Failing to do so can result in your child getting a serious head injury if he falls off the car seat.

If your kid is loosely buckled or not strapped at all, there is a risk that your kid can get his neck caught in harness straps which will result in strangling and suffocation.

Never leave your child unattended

In order to prevent a car seat from falling off and causing your baby to have a head injury, always stand next to the car seat. Especially if you put the car seat with your baby on top of elevated surfaces. The most common surfaces are a counter top, a shopping cart, and a restaurant high chair.

Put the car seat into the shopping cart’s basket

The car seats are not designed to be secured on shopping carts.

If you are doing grocery shopping put the car seat in the shopping cart rather than placing it on top of it. Shopping cart are known for being quite unstable, especially with a heavy car seat placed on top.

All the infant toddler seat are designed to fit the same brand of car seat bases. They are not compatible with other brands’ bases.

If you do hear a clicking sound when you put the car seat on top of a shopping cart, it does not mean it is properly secured. There is no way to know whether your car seat will match the shape of the cart.

There is also a slight chance of damaging your car seat locking mechanism and you might not even know about it until the event of an accident.

What is the way out ?

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Some moms prefer to use an infant baby carrier or a sling. It is safer for a child and gives you the advantage of having hands free.

Bring another adult with you to the shop

It must be someone who can help you to deal with a baby while you are busy shopping

Use a regular stroller instead of a standard shopping cart

Your child will be safe and secured in the stroller while you are doing your grocery shopping and using the stroller basket to put things in

Ask your older child to help

If you have older kids, you could ask them to watch the little one, while you are busy.

Do not bring your baby to the shop

If you can leave your child with someone at home, rather choose this option.

• Online shopping

There are a lot of grocery delivery options nowadays. Place the order online and you don’t even need to leave the house. It is going to be delivered to your door.

At the end

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We hope we have answered the questions regards to whether or not to place infant car seats on top of shopping carts while grocery shopping. It is not safe and is not recommended by many trustworthy associations.

Parents – use common sense!!!!

Please use the tips for grocery shopping with your child, described above. Share the article with other parents. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below. Stay safe and protect your baby.

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