Diono car seat installation: guidance and advice

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When you welcome a baby, the first thing she is going to experience when out of the hospital is a ride in a car seat in your vehicle. The car seats are usually not difficult to be attached, but can be tricky and will require to have some knowledge in the beginning.

The Diono car seat installation is one of the things that involves knowing the instructions and following them precisely. It is essential to follow the Diono car seat manuals to ensure the top performance of the Diono car seats so you can put your mind at ease.

So what does the Diono car seat installation procedure include? What is the difference between the types of rear-facing position and forward-facing position car seats? How exactly do you attach the car seat to the vehicle seat? What are the tricks you might consider before the Diono car seat installation? Let’s find out in our detailed article written by the experts.

Useful information before the installation

There are a lot of things you should keep in mind before purchasing a Diono car seat.

1. Always get a registration email after purchase. That way you will ensure to be notified about the recalls and other helpful information about your particular car seat.

Diono registration in Canada:https://diono.ca/product-registration/

2. Despite the model of the rear-facing position Diono car seat, the weight limit for the child is 50 lbs.

3. The forward-facing position of car seats can hold a child up to 65 lbs of weight.

4. After the age of six years old offer your child a booster mode of a Diono car seat.

5. The safest spot to attach the car seat is the middle of the back seat of any vehicle.

6. To prevent serious injuries do not try installing a car seat at the front seat if there is an airbag in the activated regime.

7. The Diono car seat must be positioned and attached according to the particular model guidelines.

8. Do not forget to use the tether if your type of car seat has it. Do not neglect this step.

9. Leaving your baby alone in a car is strictly forbidden. Your child’s life is going to be put at risk.

10. Every passenger must be strapped at all times in a moving vehicle. Ensure your child is strapped and the car seat is not out of date.

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The rear-facing position for Diono car seat installation with base

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There are two types of attaching the car seat, with a base and without a base. The manufacturer advises to always use a base when you proceed with the rear-facing position installation of a Diono car seat. You won’t need a base for the other positions such as forward facing position or a booster mode.

1. The bottom attachments have to be in line with each other.

2. Slide the attachments in and press on the car seat until it makes a clicking sound.

3. Always perform testing before putting your kid in to ensure the car seat is attached firmly.

The rear-facing position Diono car seat installation

Let’s look into setting up the car seat so you are aware of all the small things and difficulties that you can experience.

1. Locate the car seat horizontally on your vehicle seat so you can access the red strap behind the car seat cover for moving the seat around.

2. Twist the bottom part of the car seat until a clicking noise will be made. It is a confirmation that the car seat can now be used as it is in the locked-up position.

3. The harness straps must be inspected for the working order.

4. The red strap under the seat cover must be shoved through the harness path and kept underneath the car seat cover.

5. If you need a folded car seat, press the handle and lock it using a red strap.

Instructions for strapping the harness

1. Once you have placed your child into a car seat, check the forward-facing position of the car seat. There shouldn’t be a gap between the car seat and your vehicle seat.

2. Position the harness straps on top of your child’s shoulders and laps and fasten the vehicle seat belt.

3. Check out the location of the harness straps. They have to be slightly above the shoulders, but at the same time, they mustn’t be loose. Check the position of the head of your baby, the correct one is just below the car seat’s top.

Instructions for the anti-rebound bar installation

The anti-rebound bar is quite useful for the car seat installed in a rear-facing position.

1. Insert the bar into the allocated spots at the front bottom of your car seat.

2. Until you hear a clicking sound, the bar isn’t considered properly attached.

3. For removing the bar simply push the release keys on the sides of the car seat.

Attaching a top tether for a rear-facing car seat

A top tether is used to minimize car seat motions in the event of an accident. It can be used in both Diono car seat installation: rear-facing position and forward-facing position.

The position of the top tether attachment depends on your vehicle seat.

1. Depending on the car seat you have, find the top tether connector track.

2. The strap for connecting the top tether must be placed around the track to make a knot.

3. Use a metal loop for attaching the top tether knob.

A rear-facing Diono car seat installation using a vehicle seat belt

1. The vehicle seat belt must be shoved through the rear-facing belt path which is colored blue.

2. The vehicle seat belt must always be in a good condition to perform well and as it is supposed to. If it is curled, ensure you straighten it before fastening it.

3. Ensure the vehicle seat belt is at the tightest position and the car seat is secured.

4. The harness straps must be located at the correct level on your child’s shoulders.

A rear-facing Diono car seat installation using a shoulder belt

1. Start with attaching a base to your vehicle.

2. The car seat has to be in a rear-facing position. Ensure its horizontal level.

3. The seat belt must be navigated through the rear-facing belt path.

4. The seat belt has to be flattened.

5. Force the seat belt to be as tight as it goes.

A rear-facing installation using a latch system

The latch system is an easy way of installing all-in-one safety seats including a Diono Radian RXT installation.

1. Locate the harness straps that must be connected to the anchors of your vehicle car seat and unfold them.

2. Attach the base to the car and turn the car seat into the rear-facing position.

3. Define the central point of the car seat between the anchors.

4. The harness straps must be inserted through the rear-facing belt path and clip it into the clasp.

5. Straighten the harness straps if they appear to be curled.

6. The last step is always testing. Ensure everything is tightened and firm.

Forward-facing installation of the car seat

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A forward-facing position for any car seat has its tricks for forward-facing installation. We will guide you through all the difficulties that might happen during the process and the different ways you must use the harness straps

Important information before the forward-facing installation

Once your child outgrows a rear-facing position car seat, you have to swap to a forward-facing position one. Usually, it happens when a baby reaches the weight of 22 lbs and the age of 2 years old.

If your car seat comes with a top tether, you have to use it at all times. It minimizes the risk of the car seat flying forward in the event of a crash.

For a bigger kid, it is advisable to set up the adjustable bottom part of a car seat at a lower level.

Don’t forget to use lap belt padding.

The safe stop

It is a feature that is used to minimize the impact on the younger kid sitting in a forward-facing car seat. Let’s see what you need to do to install it.

  1. Locate the safe stop at the back of the car seat and take it out.
  2. The harness straps must be pulled out of the harness adjuster strap.
  3. Clip the harness straps into the safe stop metal ring.
  4. The bottom part of the safe stop goes into the metal detail of the harness adjuster strap.
  5. Check all the harness straps and uncurl the ones that are rolled.

The adjustable bottom of the car seat

As we previously highlighted the adjustable bottom part of the car seat has to be adjusted at a lower level for those kids, who weigh over 25 lbs. Ensure the car seat is secured in an unfolded position before starting.

  1. Move the bottom handle up and move it towards or away from the seat, then let go.
  2. Ensure the adjustable bottom is secured at a lower level.
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The installation process of a Lap Belt cushion

The information below is only for US users. The lap belt cushion is used for forward-facing attachments with no top tether and the lap belt is present only. The car seat has to have a five-point harness system. All the straps must lie within the forward-facing belt path.

  1. The middle buckle padding must be detached.
  2. Lift the foam part of the seat cover.
  3. Position the lap belt cushion onto the car seat and shove the crotch buckle through the hole.
  4. Put the foam part of the car seat back.

The top tether installation for the forward-facing safety seats

1. The top tether must be located and taken out of the pocket at the back of the car seat.

2. Once you have placed the car seat into a vehicle, start connecting the tether to the dedicated spot at the back of your car.

3. Finish the car seat installation and do not forget to inspect the seat for the proper installation.

The forward-facing attaching using the latch system

1. Find the harness strap at the back of the car seat and unfold it by pushing the release key.

2. The same must be done with a tether.

3. The harness strap must follow the forward-facing belt path through both side panels.

4. Inline the car seat with the middle point of the anchors of the latch.

5. Connect the top strap to the dedicated anchor as well.

6. After positioning the car seat, tighten the straps.

7. Check the car seat and all the belts whether you have performed the installation correctly.

Booster installation

Boosters are used for kids aged six and up. They allow the seat belt to go through the correct parts of the child’s body ensuring it will not harm him.

Information you need to know before the installation

  1. The child’s weight for the booster mode is up to 120 lbs.
  2. The minimum weight that is allowed for the booster car seat is at least 40 lbs.
  3. Make sure the child’s shoulders are not lower than the fourth harness mark.
  4. Always read the user manual your car seat comes with, as other brands might have a different process of installation.
  5. The harness strap with a chest clip and a crotch buckle must be removed when you plan to convert your car seat into a booster version.
  6. For the installation use a safety belt.

The booster seat installation process

  1. Remove the harness off the forward-facing car seat.
  2. Position it in your vehicle and make sure it is secured in an unfolded position.
  3. The car seat must be positioned horizontally on the seat with no gap between the car and the back of the safety seat.
  4. If your model of the forward-facing safety seat comes with a tether, use it to strap the seat as well.
  5. Put your child into the seat and buckle the lap belt through the forward-facing belt path.
  6. Check the shoulder belt as well, it has to be put through the dedicated forward-facing belt path.
  7. Uncurl all the straps and tighten them.

Removal of the harness when converting a car seat to a booster

  1. Start with pulling all the straps including a chest clip, the padding, and a crotch buckle.
  2. Using a screwdriver detach the panels at the bottom of the car seat.

Replacement of the harness when converting a car seat to a booster

In order to replace the harness in addition to the previous steps perform the following:

  1. The new harness must be pulled through the dedicated holes in the metal parts at the bottom of the car seat.
  2. Once the metal loop is inside the slot, attach the side panels back using screws.
  3. Attach the harness the way it was before, sliding it underneath the seat cover.

Cleaning of the Diono car seat cover

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The seat cover has to be cleaned frequently, to make it last. For that, you have to start by removing the straps from underneath the seat cover. The headrest cover has to be taken off as well. Proceed with pulling off the seat cover.

Once you have finished washing, put everything back on in reverse order.

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Are Diono car seats easy to install?

The Diono brand car seats are well-known for their easy setup process of car seat installation. You just have to follow the directions once and you will know the whole way from start to finish. They are also known for the superlatch system making it even easier to attach a car seat to the vehicle seat.

How do you install a Diono car seat rear-facing seat belt?

It is not as difficult as you think it is. Simply push the seat belt through the belt path on top of the car seat cover and fasten it. The rear-facing safety seat mustn’t move easily. For more information please refer to the detailed steps described in this article above.

How do you install a Diono car seat forward facing with latch?

After placing your car seat into the vehicle, find the attachments inside the side panels and activate the latch by hitting the red release key. Connect the attachments to the anchors in the back seat of the car. Check out the installation.

Do not forget to alter the adjustable bottom of the forward-facing seats for bigger kids.

To summarize

Even though the Diono car seat installation can be tricky, hopefully, this article has clarified the major points for you. Once you know that your car seat has been installed correctly following the Diono car seat manuals and a video guide, the next setups will be way easier and smoother.

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