Double stroller vs wagon: what will suit you best?

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Many parents who have more than one child argue a lot about double vs wagon matter. The thing is, there can not be a right or wrong answer, as it all depends on your particular situation and your preferences. Before purchasing this, quite an expensive piece of baby gear equipment, conduct research to decide, which will suit you better.

In this article, we will discuss in great detail the characteristics of each type of stroller, compare a double stroller vs wagon considering their pros and cons, and will give recommendations regarding purchasing the perfect stroller.

What is a double stroller?

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Double strollers are full-size strollers with an additional seat for the second child. You can push both your children at the same time. It is an ideal type of stroller for those with twins or the age gap between children isn’t too big. Every brand has its own range of double strollers.

The features vary, and so do the prices. Usually, double strollers have additional safety features such as safety harnesses. The seats are often reclining seats, which allow your small children to have a nap.

Some models can be transformed to allow clipping of a car seat or a sleeping bassinet. Double strollers are for you if you are a family with two kids.

What is a wagon?

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Stroller wagons are carriages with the open-tops. If you have multiple kids, you should consider getting a stroller wagon as it can accommodate all of them, including all the belongings.

Typically, it looks like a box-shaped cargo container with four equal-sized wheels. It has a long handle attached to it, and you have to pull it. Most wagons also can push a stroller wagon forward.

Stroller wagons can fit two kids and upwards easily. If your children are over three years old, but they still get tired during a long walk, stroller wagons are your option.

Double stroller vs wagon stroller

Now you know the differences between these two types of strollers. Let’s look at their pros and cons. What are the safety features similarities and differences?

Safety features

Both types of strollers have safety features. This is a big advantage. They differ in the type of this harness as double strollers have five-point harnesses. Most wagons offer three-point safety straps only.

A double stroller is way more comfortable as it is designed to make your small baby comfortable. The seat is usually well-cushioned. It has a large canopy to protect your baby from direct sunlight. The wheels have suspension, which means your kids won’t feel a thing on uneven terrain.

Many wagons have plastic wheels and the bumpy road can be tough for the kids sitting in there. Your only option will be to purchase special all-terrain tires.

Storage capacity

The storage similarities are that both of these strollers have storage space.

A double stroller has a large storage compartment underneath the seats where you can store grocery bags and all the necessities for your little ones. Most strollers also come with accessory storage bags for small items. You clip it onto the stroller handle. Large baskets can carry up to 30 pounds of weight.

Storage stroller wagons have way more space for keeping your belongings. Even if you stick two children in there, you will still have plenty of storage areas for the bags. There are different models of wagons, so some of them will be able to carry 50 lbs of baggage, the other ones’ weight limit is up to 110 lbs.

Portability characteristics

Portability similarities are that both a double stroller and a modern model of a wagon can be folded and become more portable.

A modern double stroller can be folded compactly just as a single stroller. It is helpful in case you have to use public transportation. It also allows you to fit it into a larger vehicle.

Wagons are too big and bulky even in a folded state. A heavy wagon can’t be carried by public transportation. It might not fit into a bigger car either. So think about it when choosing between a double stroller vs wagon for your two children.


Both strollers can be maneuvered with no problem in the open areas.

Just like with a standard stroller, a double stroller can be pushed easily without getting stuck on hiking trails. It makes it a perfect travel stroller as well. You will be able to push it through the door frames as it has compact sizes yet accommodates a second baby. If you have to use public transit, it won’t be an issue either.

The only exception with wagons is that they are quite difficult to maneuver if you walk in a cramped, crowded area. That includes going through the indoor areas, as usually wagons are quite wide.

Weight limit

Both strollers can carry more than one kid.

Double strollers are designed to accommodate siblings of the same sort of age. If one baby is in the newborn stage, you can attach a bassinet instead of a seat. The weight limit is up to 100 lbs with double strollers.

Wagons on the other hand cope with multiple children pretty well. The weight capacity is up to 300 lbs, which means you can stick four toddlers in there. Just wagons don’t offer comprehensive safety protection, so babies that can’t be sitting independently unsupported are not allowed to be transported in them.

Landscape handling

Both strollers can be pushed on different types of terrain.

Double strollers are meant to be comfortable for kids with an age range from newborn up to three years old. They are more suitable for strolling in the city or jogging on a flat surface just as a regular stroller. It will be difficult to push it on some rough surfaces.

Families dragging their own wagon on rough pathways is something more realistic. Many kids are happy to hang out of the wagons to observe the surroundings. You can even add special tires that can ride over sand, then you can take your kids straight to the beach.

Who are the double strollers suitable for?

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Double strollers are ideal for families with two small children up to three years old. They have a five-point harnesses system to protect your little one and the ability to attach a carrycot for your newborn. If your kid is too small to stand on a buggy board just yet, he will appreciate having his own comfortable seat, that can cover him from the sun as well.

Instead of purchasing two strollers, look into the double stroller option to save effort and time. When your older baby starts getting tired, there is always a reclining seat waiting for him. Just remember, double strollers suit city walking, grocery shopping, and jogging in the parks on flat areas.

Who are the stroller wagons suitable for?

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You can’t consider a stroller wagon safe for small babies as it only has a three-point harness safety feature. Children from three years old and upward will enjoy a ride in a wagon as they can hop onto it through the folding entryway and enjoy a 360 view.

Families with more than two toddlers will appreciate the space wagons provide. A snack track will be your children’s favorite. A parent pulling handle transforms into a pushing handle on some models, so it will be easy to maneuver on rough terrain like beach sand.

Pros and cons of the double strollers

Let’s summarize the benefits and drawbacks of a double stroller.

  • They are perfect for daily running errands such as grocery shopping or jogging on an even surface
  • Suitable for small children under 3 as can hold a carrycot
  • Can be folded compactly to fit in a vehicle
  • Comfortable padded seats and suspensions make the ride pleasant for your little ones
  • Only suitable for two children
  • Can’t be pushed through rough terrains like sand or stones

Pros and cons of the stroller wagons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the wagons? Let’s sum up.

  • Can fit many children at the same time
  • Special all-terrain tires allow going through different areas where double strollers won’t be able to go
  • Children can play with each other as they sit in the same carriage
  • A parent handle can be used for pulling and pushing, depending on the area
  • Wagons are quite heavy and bulky and won’t fit in a small vehicle
  • It will be difficult to push wagons through the indoor areas, so they aren’t suitable for shopping and daily walking.
  • Small children can’t be sitting in a wagon as the safety characteristics aren’t great.


Is it better to get a double stroller or wagon?

There is no definite answer as all parents are different, and their needs vary as well. For small kids up to three years old a double stroller will be a better option as it is more comfortable, offers more privacy, and is easier to deal with.

For older kids, it will be more interesting to sit comfortably in a stroller wagon as they can see more of the surroundings. Bear this in mind when choosing between a double stroller vs wagon.

Why do people like wagons instead of strollers?

Stroller wagons are more spacious, so your children will feel more comfortable while exploring. They also can handle rough terrain, unlike a double stroller that might get stuck. Most wagons are suitable for everyday use as well, which makes them universal.

When would you use a wagon instead of stroller?

If your child is over three years old, but he still gets tired from walking occasionally, you should consider getting a stroller wagon as it is perfect for older kids. The weight capacity is way more, and it can hold kids 50 pounds and up.

At what age do you not need a double stroller?

Depending on the model of a double stroller, kids aged up to 5 years old can be seated in such strollers. Another question is whether they will get bored and maybe a stroller wagon might be a better option for you.

In conclusion

As you have found out, both types of strollers have their benefits and drawbacks. There can’t be a winner in a double stroller vs wagon battle. Shortly, if you have small children aged up to 3 years old, you should opt for the double strollers. Children older than three will be more entertained sitting in a stroller wagon.

If this article was helpful, and you made your purchase based on our recommendations, please share it with your friends and other parents you know. For any questions left, contact us in the comment section below the post.

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