How long does Graco car seat last

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All car seats have the date of ussie and the expiration date. When you buy a brand-new car seat from the shop, you won’t pay attention to those dates.

For car seats that have been used for quite a few years, it is important to know the car seat expiration date to make sure your child is safe during the car rides.

This article will help you to answer the main questions on how long can you use a car seat and when the Graco car seats expire.

Why would the car seats expire?

Car seats have an expiration day because they deteriorate over time like any other baby equipment.

Let’s see what can affect the state of a car seat:

• Heavy use will make the car seat wear and tear faster. If you travel a lot and your baby is always with you, the car seat safety will have to be questioned sooner.

• The impact of high or low temperatures can cause the car seat to affect the working condition of a car seat.

• The kids themselves can play part in destroying the car seat by being rough with it, bashing and smashing it.

All of the above might lead to damages that won’t be seen but they will compromise the safety of your child.

The laws regarding the safety of car seats change all the time.

The brand-new car seats that you can get from the store right now will have a higher level of safety requirements and the structure of the car seats is more durable.

The new car seats have also undergone more crash tests reassuring parents that their children will be safe in them.

Another thing to consider is that the manufacturers never perform testing regarding how long the car seats will last. All the dates are just guidance.

The majority of infant seats should perform optimally for about 6 years while convertible car seats last way longer for over 10 years.

How do I know if my Graco car seat is expired?

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All car seats have a special tag attached either to the bottom or at the back of them.

It contains all the necessary information regarding the car seat such as the model number, the date it has been made, and the expiration date.

The average time the car seat lasts is around 7-10 years depending on the brand.

Almost all the seats from the Graco car seat brand expire after 7 years of consecutive use.

If the sticker with the information is missing you can refer to the car seat manufacturers site or the car seat manual.

Does the Graco car seat base have an expiration date?

There is no difference and just like with any car seat the Graco car seat bases do have an expiration date.

It will be printed on the tag on the bottom of the car seat base.

When the information is nowhere to be found, check out the user manual that came with the base.

Bear in mind that the average lifetime of most car seat bases is around 7 years.

Do infant car seats expire?

Same as any other car seat the Graco infant car seats do have an expiration date.

For most of the SnugRide series, it is seven years, after the date of manufacture.

Note, if your specific car seat has been in an accident you cannot use it ever again.

Keep reading to find out what to do with the old car seat past the expiration date or if the car seats have been in a car crash.

Another thing to bear in mind is the day you buy car seats is not the same as the day of manufacture.

Before purchasing a new car seat, check the tag to see how much time is left until the car seat is going to be past the expiration date.

Why do infant car seats expire?

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There are a few reasons the car seat expiration date exists.

Every child is different and will be using the car seat differently.

Just like with parents. There are the ones, that take care of the car seats and the ones who keep them in a bad condition.

As we previously said nobody tests the car seats for the duration it can serve their purpose. The dates are always in an average estimated range.

For the infant car seat series, the average duration of the life cycle is around seven years after the date of production.

What can cause the Graco car seats to expire?

1. The fabric and other materials deterioration

Depending on the material of your car seat whether it is made out of fabric or leather, the average time it will stay in a good condition is around seven years.

There are exceptions, but in general, it is quite accurate.

During extreme temperatures, the car seat can get damaged.

If you park in the sun, extensive sunlight along with heat will cause the fabric to fade and cause the plastic parts of the car seat to get fragile.

In the event of a car accident, it will not perform as it should putting your child’s life at risk.

The same happens during cold temperatures, the plastic parts of the car seat tend to get cracks that you might not even see at first.

So it won’t be performing correctly which can be dangerous.

2. Changes in technologies and safety regulations

Technologies keep developing and improving car seat safety features.

The car seat manufacturers tend to make the modern car seat expire after ten years and more, making them out of durable materials.

The modern infant car seats meet all the current safety requirements, while the old ones can be not up to date which will affect the safety of your child.

A good example is the latch system that wasn’t even developed yet a few years back.

Every state has its own laws regards to the infant car seats that are allowed to be used.

You must always make sure the car seat you are using is legally allowed to be used and that it is not an expired car seat.

What to do with the expired car seat?

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The car seat expiration dates have to be followed if you want your child to be safe in the car at all times.

Once your car seat reaches the car seat expiration date it is advisable to stop using it.

Note, it is best to register the car seat online upon purchasing so you can get an email when the time comes close to the car seat expiration dates so you don’t miss it.

The question of what to do with the expired car seat comes up and we will answer it.

1. Trade-in program

Head to the baby store and find out whether your car seat manufacturer or the store itself offer any trade-in program.

It works in a way that you bring the expired car seat and get a substantial discount for a new car seat.

This program is quite popular and many families choose this method of disposing of the car seat.

If your car seat expires and you decide to exchange it for a coupon at the store, it will be recycled by the waste management company.

You hit two birds with one stone, protecting your children from any danger the expired car seats might cause and helping to save the Earth.

Despite the state of your car seat, you must still bring it in, as the stores accept a car seat in any condition.

2. Car seat recycling option

If you do not need to purchase a new car seat, once the car seat expired, find the nearest recycling center.

Find out before coming, whether they can accept your expired seat, including the belt-positioning booster seats.

The recycling programs vary from state to state. Some waste-managing companies won’t accept most car seats as a whole.

You will have to dismantle it and recycle parts of the car seat separately.

All the cushioning and fabric padding will have to be removed.

It is advisable to mark the plastic part with the car seat expiration dates, so no one attempts to use them anywhere else.

If you no longer use the Graco car seat and it is still a while until the expiration date, recycling is the best option.

It is not advisable to sell a used car seat.

No one can guarantee the true history of a used car seat. If it has been in an accident, it is no longer safe to be used.

A car seat with a visible expiration date, bought from a store will put your mind at ease regarding your baby’s safety.

Do Graco car seats expire soon? Luckily, you have at least seven years after purchase.

So the Graco car seats are not something you have to replace frequently.

It should stay in a good condition till the expiration date unless you have a few kids and the usage of a car seat is quite intense.

3. Upgrading to another Graco car seat

After the car seats expire, including the infant car seat, the convertible car seats, and the booster seats, the wise option is to upgrade them with new Graco car seats.

The safety of your kids is the number one priority.

Buying a new seat will give you confidence and worry-free time while driving.

The manufacture date must be checked at all times.

Avoid buying seats with no car seat expiration dates placed on their surface.

4. The donation, when the Graco car seats expire

Donating a car seat that reached the car seat expiration dates is not an ideal option.

If you know your car seat history and it is clear of any accidents, you might consider giving it away to a family in need.

There are a lot of people that can’t afford to buy a car seat from the shop. They will appreciate your help.

If your seat is far beyond the car seat expiration dates, donating is not an option. Such a car seat can not be used.

How to choose the right car seat

The Academy of Pediatrics has some recommendations regards most car seats and the age group they are suitable for.

For infants, staying in an infant car seat with a latch system is recommended until they reach a weight of 35 pounds. It also should be rear facing.

The average infant car seat expiration dates are between seven to ten years.

Convertible seats are suitable for kids of different age groups up to fifty pounds.

Such seats are a great option for those who intend to use the car seat for an extended amount of time.

It can easily be changed from a rear position to a front-facing one.

With it being a seat that you use for a long period you have to watch out for the car seat expiration dates.

Bear in mind the average length of the car seat that can be used is between seven to ten years.

Booster seats are designed for the kids that outgrew the previous car seat.

Before buying a car seat for your child, you should research the laws regarding the car seat policy, as every state has different laws and regulations.

The booster car seat expiration dates are also printed on a tag and located underneath the seat.

Do not forget to check it now and then to keep track of the car seat validity.


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Do car seats expire after 4 years?

The infant car seat has expiration dates between seven to ten years. The same applies to most of the safety seats.

Always refer to the information printed out and placed on the actual seat or in the user manual that comes with it.

For easy tracking of the car seat expiration dates it is advisable to register the seat with your manufacturer.

That way you will get an email when the time will come closer to the infant car seat expiration dates and you have enough time to upgrade it to a new one.

Do insurances replace a car seat after an accident?

It will depend on the type of insurance policy you have. Refer to the contract you signed for accurate details.

More than a quarter of insurance companies do not cover the costs of the car seat damaged in a car crash. In the event of a crash, you will have to get a new infant car seat paying with your own money.

The companies that do offer compensation for a damaged car seat in a car crash, usually have a lot of exceptions such as the infant car seat being unoccupied at the time of the event or it being past the car seat expiration dates.

Regardless of whether they refund you for the damaged car seat or not, you can not use a car seat that has been in an accident.

Dispose of it through any recycling facility or if you can’t find any nearby, be sure you make it unusable before dumping it into waste.

Is it illegal to use an expired car seat?

Depending on the state you are living in, it might be restricted to use a seat past the car seat expiration time.

We wouldn’t recommend neglecting this rule. Regardless of the state, ensure your child is safe by using a safety seat that is within the dates according to the manufacturer.

How long is a Graco Snugride 35 Good For?

This Graco safety seat model comes with seven years of expiry time since production.

How long is a Graco 4-in-1 car seat good for?

This type of seat has a lifespan of ten years.

As it has to last for a substantial amount of time, it is made out of durable materials using all the modern technologies.

It is meant to last through different stages of your kid’s life, the 10-year lifetime is a good addition.

What infant car seat lasts the longest?

The Graco infant car seat that offers the longest period of validity is the Prezi model.

There are also Mico and LighnComfy Graco models that also come with eight year expiry time.

In the end

It doesn’t matter what Graco car seat you are going to choose for your little one, the most important thing is to check and keep tracking the expiry date.

Do not compromise your child’s life.

It is also crucial to know how to use the car seat correctly and choose the one that suits your child’s age.

Apart from the car safety recommendations, we want to remind you to not leave your baby unattended.

Keep your car seat in a clean condition to ensure it lasts you a long time.

Do not forget to register the car seat with your manufacturer so you can receive an email when it will be getting closer to the expiry time.

We hope this article was helpful. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

If you have any questions left, post them in the comment section below.

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