How to burp a baby in a car seat

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Traveling with a newborn baby can be quite challenging. There are a lot of things to consider including feeding the baby and burping her afterward. In this article, we will tell you how to burp a baby in a car seat.

Traveling with a small baby

You can start planning long-distance trips as soon as your baby turns 3 months old. You will have to stop frequently – every couple of hours, as the baby will need to be fed and then burped.

If you are formula-feeding, pack enough formula powder to last the whole trip. Spare clean clothing, diaper, and wipes is a must.

Can you feed a baby in the car seat?

Kids get hungry faster when traveling with you in a car. Formula-feeding in a car seat in a moving vehicle can be done but it is not safe for your child.

It is advisable to stop somewhere in a safe place to let your baby eat without being disturbed.

Breastfeeding on the other hand can only be done when the car is parked. It is quite common for babies to bring up some breast milk, so do not worry. Wait for her to finish eating and then burp her.

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Do babies have to burp after eating?

Burping a baby is a crucial part of the feeding process as it helps to release gas and air bubbles that she swallowed with food. It will lower the risk of your baby being in distress from pain caused by tummy cramps.

Not all babies have to be burped during their feed. If your child looks content then he doesn’t have to be interrupted for a burp break. Wait until he finishes milk and then you can try burping him.

How can I get my baby to burp in the car seat?

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Burping babies in car seats is not a good idea. Generally, to burp a baby you would hold her upright and would pat her back gently trying to release gas from her tummy.

The only way to rub the baby’s back in a car seat would be to unbuckle her which can not be done if the vehicle is still moving.

What you could try is rubbing the child’s tummy in round motions to help him to release gases.

Otherwise, stop the vehicle in a safe place, unbuckled the baby, and delicately stroke her back.

If you have the time it is best to take your baby out of the car seat. Feed and burp holding his in your arms. Follow the methods for burping the baby:

1.  Lay his on your lap on his tummy. Holding the baby’s head, position it slightly elevated. Start patting the back until some gas comes out.

2.  Holding the baby upright against your chest, start stroking and tapping her back. Moving in rocking motions might also help.

Is it possible to burp a baby fast?

The way to make a baby burp faster apart from waiting for gas to come out naturally is to hold the baby on your chest or lap and gently rub her back.

Do all babies burp after eating?

Many parents think that every baby needs burping. It is not the case. Some babies do not swallow as much air, so there is nothing to bring up.

Excessive baby burps

There is nothing to worry about as it is absolutely normal. All kids are different, some will have excessive burping, and some won’t burp at all.

What will happen if a baby falls asleep without burping?

If your baby falls asleep without being burped first it might cause pain and distress. There is a chance of a baby waking up because of painful stomach cramps and wind.

How do you burp a baby when there’s nothing works?

If you tried burping the baby while she is in a safety seat and it didn’t work, you will have to pull over at a safe place and take the baby out of the seat to try and help her burp by more extensive rubbing and tapping on the back.

Can you feed a baby a bottle in a moving car?

If a baby is going to be supervised by you, it is possible feeding her while in a vehicle. Never leave anything in the car seat after feeding as it can harm a child in the event of a crash.  


How to burp a baby in a car seat

Can you breastfeed in a vehicle?

By law, everyone must be strapped while the vehicle is moving. If you are nursing, you will have to find a secure place to stop your vehicle. Give your baby milk every few hours to ensure he is full and happy.

If your kid falls asleep during nursing, do not wake him up for burping unless he shows signs of discomfort.

Why should you not prop a baby bottle?

There are a lot of things that might go wrong:

·  Liquid going into the baby’s ears can cause a serious ear infection

·  The excessive formula in kids’ mouths will affect their teeth, so there is a chance of tooth decay

·  Leaving a kid unattended with anything in his mouth has a threat of choking hazard

How to burp a baby in a car seat?

Burping will minimize the risk of your kid having pain from the wind after being fed. It will also decrease the chance of your kid having trouble sleeping and he will be able to sleep a couple of hours soundly.

If you have decided to burp your kid while he’s in a safety seat, carefully hold his head and try rubbing his back with gentle taps. That should help to get rid of air bubbles that might be in his tummy.


We hope you’ve got the answer to the question of how to burp babies in car seats.  Always think about the safety of your baby and yourself first. Stop the vehicle if you need to feed your child and burp him after.

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