How to clean a Graco stroller: Tips and Tricks

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Many parents choose the Graco strollers because they are known for their reliability and quality. If you have kids, a stroller becomes a major part of your life as it travels with you everywhere.

Extensive day-to-day usage leads to the strollers becoming extremely dirty fast. It is important to know how to clean a Graco stroller because of sanity reasons and so your baby feels comfortable in a stroller that performs well and is smelling fresh. This article will help you with cleaning tips, so your Graco stroller always looks brand new.

Can you wash Graco stroller?

To ensure your Graco stroller is smelling fresh and stays in pristine condition after children, who can be messy at times, it is advisable to clean Graco stroller frequently.

Regular cleaning of the Graco seat pad, seat belts, and stroller frame with wheels will help to keep the stains away from the seat pads’ fabric and other stroller components.

When your baby makes a mess eating on-the-go snacks, or the baby’s muddy shoes leave dirt on the stroller padding, make sure you wipe it as fast as you can. That way there is a higher chance of your Graco stroller keeping its original appearance.

How do you clean Graco stroller?

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Start with unbuckling the safety clip that holds the seat pad firmly in the Graco stroller. Take it out of the stroller by pulling the seat pad forward.

Depending on the type of seat pad, whether it can be washed automatically or not, proceed with a delicate cycle that uses cold water. It is recommended to add some mild detergent to fight the most stubborn dirt in the fabric.

Once the delicate cycle is finished, the seat pad has to air dry thoroughly. If you have an opportunity to dry seat pad out in the sun, go for it as it is a known fact that ultraviolet light has some disinfectant properties.

Hardly any manufacturers allow the Graco stroller components to be tumble-dried. So read the tag carefully prior to washing or refer to the manual book.

Once all the parts of the Graco stroller are clean and dry, attach everything back to the stroller in reverse order.

Follow the more detailed instructions on how to clean a Graco stroller below.

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How do you remove a Graco stroller seat cover?

Any stroller needs cleaning and Graco strollers are not an exclusion. It is more convenient to start cleaning by removing the seat padding from the stroller completely.

Note, that if the fabric components aren’t extremely dirty, the removal of the seat padding is not necessary. You will be able to wipe the dirt off the stroller using baby wipes or a damp sponge soaked in warm water. The small sponge should not be too sopping wet.

According to the Consumer Reports organization, the disassembling of the stroller should be avoided as many people tend to lose parts of the stroller when putting everything back together, which can affect the safety of your child.

Bear in mind that the majority of the Graco strollers do not have any parts that can be washed in the washing machine which defies the whole point of taking the stroller apart for cleaning.

How do you deep clean a stroller?

Almost all strollers will have a tag attached to the soft parts stating how to clean a Graco stroller. Some parts will be removable and you will be able to wash them in a washing machine.

When the strollers eventually require cleaning, the cycle has to be chosen according to the tag. It is recommended to use cold water and mild detergent.

Remember that harsh cleaners and too much hot water can damage the parts of your stroller. Do not use them.

If for some reason the tag is missing, and you can’t find the information regards to washing it, try cleaning it with baby wipes soaked in a gentle cleanser. Almost every parent will have a pack in the diaper bag.

Another option is to perform regular cleaning in a soapy water. Things you will need for that are a mild detergent, some warm water, sponge, and a bit of dish soap.

How to dry the seat cover and the stroller padding?

Once you finished the washing cycle, you have to drip dry the stroller accessories. Do not machine dry as the temperature inside the tumble dryer will damage the fabric of the padding.

When you air dry the stroller parts in the sun, they also get disinfected, because of the UV light properties.

How do you clean the safety harness?

It is advisable not to wash the harness in warm water to avoid losing its water and flame-repellent properties. Then, how to clean a Graco stroller safety harness? Take extra attention when cleaning the seat belts.

Tiny pieces of snacks that stay on the seat belts can be cleaned using a hard brush. To prevent stains from liquid-type baby snacks, use some soapy water and a cloth. Add dish soap to water and wipe the stain with a cloth. To remove the remnants of the soapy water, use a dry towel.

How do you clean the stroller frame and other accessories?

When you walk long distances in inclement weather, the frame of the baby stroller, the wheels, a rain cover, and cup holders might have major issues because of the dirt. It is important to strictly control the state of the stroller and address all the problems in time, so the stroller can still perform well.

The muddy wheels will have to be taken off, washed with clean water, and wiped. Control the air pressure in the tyres and pump them if needed.

The stroller frame, the rain cover, and a cup holder can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap.

A quick reminder, no harsh cleaners are allowed, to prevent damage.

How do you store the Graco stroller?

Once you finished cleaning the stroller parts, assemble them back together. If you are not going to use the stroller for some time, it is best you pack it away for storage to prevent dust from landing on it.

How do you disinfect a Graco stroller?

The disinfection of the stroller can be done either by wiping the parts of the stroller with antibacterial wipes or by drying the stroller in the sun for some time.


Can you remove Graco stroller cover for washing?

Usually, the Graco cover is easily removable from the stroller. If the stains are minor, just wipe it with a cloth. If the seat pad is quite dirty, pull it out of the stroller and wash according to the instructions on the tag.

How do you clean a Graco Fastaction stroller?

All the Graco strollers are pretty much the same when it comes to cleaning. Follow the instructions above depending on the type and the state of the stroller.


Getting a Graco stroller is a good deal, but it doesn’t end there though. It is important to take care of it so it lasts a long time and looks and performs as well as a brand new one. This article is meant to teach you how to clean a Graco stroller, providing extra tips and tricks to ensure a great result.

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