How to collapse Uppababy stroller

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Many new parents choose the Uppababy vista strollers for their top quality and comfort. They are reliable and provide safety for your child. Though, they can be tricky to fold and unfold at times. Once you know how to do it, you will be able to fold uppababy vista stroller blindfolded.

In this article, we will cover a folding process of an Uppababy vista stroller and will give a few tips on how to fold other Uppababy stroller models.

Detailed instructions on how to fold UPPABaby Vista stroller

The Uppababy Vista v2 folds in just a few steps. Read them first and then try to repeat them on your Uppababy Vista v2 stroller.

1. Putting on the brakes

It is compulsory to make sure your uppababy vista pushchair stays still when you are going to be pushing on it. Locate the lever on the right rear wheel and apply some pressure to lock it. The green mark will change to red, which means the stroller frame is locked.

At the same time, check out the position of both front wheels. They have to be straight to avoid unnecessary movements and to allow the stroller to be folded without any issue.

2. Folding the sun hood of the stroller

The next step is to fold the sun visor that protects your baby from direct sunlight. Simply pull it down to its original location.

3. Unloading the stroller

Before you fold uppababy vista stroller, you have to take your baby out first. Then make sure you remove any items that you store underneath the stroller’s seat. Leaving stuff in the stroller will stop you from folding it, as it is going to be in the way.

4. Extending of the handle bar

As you might know, the Uppababy Vista v2 comes with a telescopic handle bar to suit any height of a parent. Before you proceed with folding the stroller, the handle bar has to be extended to its tallest position. This will prevent the stroller being stuck.

If you don’t know how to extend the handlebar, simply press the button, locating at the center of the bar underneath, and pull the handlebar up. You will hear a clicking sound, meaning the handlebar is now locked at this position.

5. Folding the stroller

This is the most important part of the whole folding process. Locate two levers on the handlebar. Look at the beginning of the handlebar on each side.

Simultaneously pull them both. You will have to use both hands to compete this step.

While holding the levers, push the stroller down with gentle pressure. It will easily fold.

The stroller frame will be staying in the upright position with the front wheels down and the footrest being at the top. The small plastic clip has to be locked for the stroller to stay as a whole.

6. Folding the footrest

The footrest that attaches to the toddler seat and helps to hold your baby’s legs, has to be folded as well. It allows more compact fold of your stroller.

Locate the buttons on the left and right sides of the footrest and push them down at the same time. While pushing them, apply gentle pressure downward, towards the wheels and the ground. Leave it at this position and release triggers.

If all the above steps performed precisely, the stroller is now ready to be loaded into your vehicle or to be stored.

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How to fold Uppababy Vista bassinet

Folding the Uppababy Vista bassinet isn’t difficult as long as you know how to do it. Follow the steps below to perform the task.

  1. Start with taking the bassinet itself off the stroller. Locate the buttons at the top of the handle and press on them.
  2. Fold the sun canopy by pushing two buttons located left and right sides at the base.
  3. Take out the bassinet mattress and locate two struts at the back of the bassinet and at the front.
  4. You have to pull them together to get the bassinet to fold.

As you can see, this is easy and fast, and you should’s have any problems with it.

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Helpful tips for maintaining the UPPABaby vista stroller

This stroller is amazing and to ensure its optimal performance you have to take care of it.

The points below will give you an idea of what to look for when dealing with the stroller:

  • The main thing is to keep your stroller dry. If you use it outside in the rain or snow, make sure you wipe it dry afterward.
  • Book the annual routine repair appointment, so you can be calm that the stroller works as expected and nothing is broken.
  • Keep your stroller clean. The brakes mustn’t be dirty as it will affect their performance. The wheels have to be taken off time to time for a thorough cleaning. If the stroller is going to be stored for some time, it is best to deattach the wheels and store them in the wheel bag.
  • Pay attention to the wheel shaft, it has to be oiled regularly.
  • If you are going to be storing the Uppababy stroller for some time, it has to be in a folded position with wheels and the handlebar at the bottom

What is the easy way to carry UPPABaby Vista when folded?

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The Vista travel system comes with a bag that you can use for carrying or storing your stroller. It is convenient when you carry the stroller right to the plane.

Once you have folded the Vista stroller, you have to take the wheels off and put them in the special bag. The bumper bar has to be removed as well.

Leave the bag with wheels and the bar inside the stroller. The Uppababy Vista stroller itself has to be put into the carrying bag.

Make sure you pack everything compact, so it fits in the bag, and it is easy to carry it.

How to open the UPPAbaby strollers?

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Unfolding the Uppababy strollers is way easier than folding them. Check out the steps below:

  1. Find a clip on the left side of the stroller seat, push on it and unlock the mechanism.
  2. Pull the stoller up until the clicking sound appears meaning that the stroller is opened.

As you can see there is nothing difficult and takes just a few seconds to complete.


How do you collapse the UPPAbaby?

Follow the easy step to step process described above in our post. All you have to do is to fold the canopy, extend the handle bar, lock the brakes and then fold the stroller down while pulling the levers located on the right and left side of the frame.

Does UPPAbaby VISTA fold down?

Once you prepared the stroller for folding as described above, you fold it by pulling down. Once it’s locked in that position, it can stand upright with wheels at the bottom.

How do you collapse the UPPAbaby bassinet?

As described above, you start with removing it off the stroller. Then, after locating the struts underneath the mattress, you pull them and fold the bassinet.

How do you fold UPPAbaby VISTA double stroller?

The stroller that has two seats will be folded a bit differently. The toddler seat will have to be removed first, and then the folding procedure can be performed. Check out the detailed instructions given above.

At the end

As you can see from this blog post, there is nothing difficult in folding the Uppababy stroller. You just have to read the instructions and try it out once.

Don’t be scared to confused. Read the instructions again, if you didn’t understand. All parents go through this process of folding and unfolding the strollers.

If the instructions above did help you, please share this post with other parents, that might be in the same situation as you. If you have any questions left, write them in the comment section below.

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