How to fix a stuck manual car seat

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As with any vehicle that has a manual car seat, the problem of stuck car seats is quite common. There is nothing extraordinary about it. Knowing how to fix a stuck manual car seat is essential. Imagine yourself camping out in nature with no one around and your vehicle seat starts giving you problems.

There is nothing difficult about fixing a stuck car seat. This article will cover the most common situations and resolutions to each one, so you are prepared for anything.

What are the main reasons for a stuck manual car seat?

There are a few reasons for a stuck manual car seat. Some of them can be eliminated, and some of them are the outcome of your car not being used. Regardless of the cause, we will tell you how to easily fix a stuck manual car seat.

  1. The car hasn’t been used for a long time. The manual car seat can get stuck if you have left the car in your garage and haven’t driven for quite some time.
  2. The seat track underneath the manual car seat is broken. If you don’t move your vehicle seat back or forward often, you might not know about your broken or bent seat track rail.
  3. The manual car seat is jammed. That can happen due to the incorrect usage of the vehicle seat or some fault.

No matter what happens to your vehicle seat, below are the instructions on how to fix a stuck manual car seat.

Instructions on how to fix a stuck manual car seat

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Most of the time, it is possible to fix a stuck manual car seat by yourself. There are a few things you can try before heading out to the car service station. Below are the suggestions for fixing a manual car seat and an electric car seat.

1. Removing a stuck car seat off the base

If you know how to take the stuck car seat out of the vehicle, and it is easy to do, look into this option. You should do this only if you are adamant that you will be able to perform the task.

When the stuck car seat is out of the car, you will be able to inspect it to find the fault.

2. Shaking a stuck car seat to get it working

Quite often, the reason for the stuck car seats is the buttons that aren’t engaged. If only one button will be locked in and the other one won’t, the manual seat isn’t going to move. That is why you will need to move the vehicle seat by shaking it to fix a stuck locking mechanism and the second button to engage.

How to fix a stuck manual car seat if you can’t push it back

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The solution to a fixed vehicle seat will depend on what position your car seat is stuck in. Remember, if the solutions mentioned in the article won’t help you, refer to the service station and a tow truck company to get professional help.

1. The manual car seat is stuck in an upright position

Most likely, the adjustment lever is broken or jammed. The manual seat adjustment work will have to be done. You can try to shake the vehicle seat back and forward to help it to get right again. Lifting the passenger seat a bit can also help to unlock and loosen the parts that are causing the problem.

2. The manual car seat is in a recline position

The issue could be the release handle. To fix a stuck manual car seat in this case, you will have to push the seat forward to get it working properly again.

Sometimes the stuck car seats need just a bit of help. Purchase a lubricant for the track rails. It will help the vehicle seat slide into the correct position. If you have no way of getting a lubricant, you can use some olive oil. Do not use too much to avoid damage done to the vehicle seat parts.

How to fix a stuck manual car seat: helpful tips

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Sometimes, knowing how to fix a stuck manual car seat can save you some money. You won’t need to call the service station to make an appointment to fix a stuck manual car seat.

The manual car seat differs from an electric car seat. The adjustment mechanism is usually located at the bottom of the front car seats. Sliding forward and back is something you manually adjust.

In some cases, too much pressure from heavy weight can cause the track rails underneath the vehicle seat to bend. Below are a few tricks you can try to fix a stuck car seat.

  1. Check whether there is anything stuck behind the seat. If you have kids, it is highly possible to discover some toy or a piece of clothing, that prevents the seat from sliding to the back. In this case, remove the object that is lying in the way.
  2. Move the manual car seat, shake it, or knock it. Then start moving the seat back by gently pushing on it.
  3. If the car seat stuck, oil the track rail parts underneath the seat to make the seat slide with ease.
  4. If the car seat stuck but you have some technical knowledge, consider removing the seat from the vehicle and investigating the fault.
  5. It is worth contacting the manufacturer when the vehicle seat stops working as it should. It can be an issue that is known, and the manufacturer might offer to fix it under warranty.

Fixing a vehicle seat slider

This action will require you to take the seat out of the vehicle, so you can take a look at the slider. You might discover rust forming or the rails bent.

If you see some rust on the slider, you can use the cleaning solution to remove it off the rails. It might be helpful to oil the parts, so the sliding process is smooth.

In any unknown situation, it is best to contact the local car service station for a consultation.

Fixing a stuck electric vehicle seat

Adjusting the vehicle seat gives you more comfort while driving. The manual car seats can get stuck at times, but what about the electrical car seats? Unfortunately, it can happen to them as well.

Before heading to the mechanic that can help you to sort out the seat, try doing it yourself.

  1. Shut the car off before fixing anything related to electrical faults.
  2. Take the seat off the slider. You can use a screwdriver and some other tool to help you.
  3. Inspect the seat and the slider, whether it has broken parts, dirt, or rust anywhere.
  4. Clean everything if necessary and attach the seat back to its place.

How do I adjust the vehicle seat?

With manual car seats, everything is very simple. The seat has 2 levers that help you to adjust the seat to suit your height.

The first lever controls the reclining angle of the back of the seat. It is located on the left side of the driver’s seat. You have to either twist it or pull it up or down to position the back of the seat at a desired angle.

The second lever will be controlling the height of the seat. For lifting the seat you pull it up, for lowering the seat you have to pull it down.


How do you fix a stuck manual seat?

It all depends on the type of car seats you have and the reason the car seats aren’t working. Once you have discovered the cause of the car seat stuck, try to fix it using the steps described above in this article.

It can either be oiling the parts that are rusted due to the vehicle not being used or shaking the car seat stuck until the mechanisms will start working as they should.

How do you move a stuck power seat manually?

To get the power seat back into working order, simply apply enough pressure on top of the seat and start sliding it forward or back until it moves.

How do you manually raise a car seat?

Depending on the model of your vehicle and the type of car seats you have, locate the lever on the left side of the driver’s seat. If you want to adjust the seat, to make it higher, simply pull the handle up a few times until you get the height you want.

For lowering the seat, you have to push the same lever down a few times.

Why is my car seat not moving up?

If the car seat stuck, and you can’t move it up, it could be due to a broken lever that is responsible for adjusting the height of the seat. If the handle just popped out, simply push it back in and try to pull it.

If it didn’t work, perhaps the lever mechanism is snapped. In this case, you will have to go to a car service station.

Why does the seat go forward, but not back?

There can be a couple of reasons causing that. Start with checking behind the seat. There might be something blocking the way. The safety belt can also be an issue, as sometimes it stays hanging behind the seat, preventing it from moving to the back.

At the end

We hope now you know how to fix a stuck manual car seat. In some situations, it will be easy, but in some, you will have to make an appointment with a mechanic. Anyway, it is always worth a try to use the methods described in the article.

If you are successful, you will save time and money.

Please share the article with your friends who have cars and potentially can turn out in a situation like that. If you still have questions left, write them in the comment section below.

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