How to fold a city mini double stroller: an easy 5-step guide

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City mini double strollers for two children have become quite popular over the last few years. It is a great choice for families who have more than one child. It features a lot of great characteristics and all of it you get at an attractive price.

If you are a lucky owner of the city mini double stroller, you have to learn the process of taking care of it. It includes folding it for transportation or putting it away for storage.

If you are wondering how to fold a city mini double stroller in just a few seconds, our step-by-step guide in this blog post will help you.

After trying to fold the stroller a couple of times, you will be able to do it blindfolded.

Detailed instructions on how to fold a city mini double stroller

Folding a city mini double stroller can be done within just a few steps. Follow them carefully to understand the principle of collapsing, so it can be done fast without issues.

Step 1 Brakes have to be applied

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It is important to secure your Baby jogger city mini double stroller first, so it doesn’t roll away from you while trying to collapse it. You will also avoid being hurt in the process if the stroller stays in the same spot.

Push the red pedal at the bottom of the stroller down to activate the brakes.

Step 2 Fold away a tray for a child

Leaving the tray attached to the city mini double stroller can cause issues when trying to collapse it. If it gets in the way, you won’t be able to fold the double stroller hastily. It will also affect how compact it is going to be folded. Make sure you pull the tray out first, before proceeding further.

Step 3 Take off the canopy

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For the more compact folding, you can remove the canopy completely from the stroller. Locate the zipper and detach the canopy of the stroller going from one side to another, pulling the zip. A canopy is easy to be damaged or get torn. After you have taken it off the stroller, make sure you place it somewhere safe.

Step 4 Turn the front wheels

To help you during the process of folding a city mini double stroller, the front wheels have to be turned facing the back wheels. When you are about to fold the stroller, it will not cause any problems.

Step 5 Pull the handle grips on the seats


The last step is to fold the stroller. Each seat has a soft loop handle in the middle of the seat. Grab the first handle with one hand, and the second handle with the other hand. Pull them up simultaneously. This easy technique will fold your city mini double stroller in just a matter of seconds.

After the city mini double stroller has been collapsed, it is prepared to pop into the boot of your vehicle or put into a case for further storing.

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Why should you choose the baby jogger city mini stroller over other strollers?

Foremost, this stroller has been invented for navigating through narrow urban sidewalks. It is extremely lightweight. When you walk two children in crowded areas, you have to be able to maneuver easily. It can be collapsed super fast with just one motion. It also opens fast when you need it.

The difference is also in the quality of the stroller. Baby jogger strollers are known for their exceptional quality and high standards of customer support. You can rest assured your stroller will last a few years.

This stroller doesn’t cost too much. A city mini stroller is affordable.

It is worth paying for the peace of mind that your child will be safe in this stroller and the stroller won’t fall apart fast.

How safe is the city mini double stroller?

You can rest assured it is completely safe for your child. Each seat has a safety harness with five points. There is no way your babies can escape and hurt themselves. The cushioned seat is much more comfortable for kids, especially if they have to spend in a stroller quite a bit of time.

An extended canopy that you can customize, will protect them from the harmful sun or annoying drizzle. It can be collapsed easily if there is no need for it. The metal frame of the stroller is quite strong and can handle more weight than other double strollers.

How to fold a city mini gt2 double stroller?

If you want to know how to fold a gt model of a city mini double stroller, read the instructions below. It doesn’t differ much from the model above.

  1. Make sure the stroller is firmly secured by applying the brake.
  2. Remove any objects from the seat, so they don’t prevent the stroller from being folded.
  3. Front wheels must be turned to face the back wheels.
  4. Locate the loop handles in the middle of each seat and grab the first one with one hand and the other one with your other hand.
  5. Pull them both up at the same time and shake a bit until you hear a clicking sound. This sound means the stroller is secured, and it is safe to relocate it for further transportation or storage.

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What is the difference between a city mini and a city mini gt model?

The main point these two pushchairs differ from each other is that the city mini double can accept an infant car seat in both seats. When your child grows out of the car seat, you can continue using the same stroller as he will fit in it just fine.

The city mini has a more compact design and folds flatter. So if you have limited space in the boot, you should rather choose this pushchair. It also costs a bit less than the gt2 pushchair. It is definitely a perfect option for parents who have 2 kids.

If you don’t have any intention of getting an infant car seat for your child, consider getting the gt2 double stroller as it is a great choice for you.


How long does it take to fold a city mini pushchair?

When you try to fold the stroller for the first time, that might take a few minutes. You have to understand and memorize the steps and then repeat them a few times. After you have practiced, it will take less than half a minute for you to fold your stroller.

Is it fast to unfold a city mini pushchair?

In order to unfold the stroller fast, you have to know the whole process. Just like when you fold it, learn the steps and try to repeat them a few times, so it engraves in your memory. Then it is a matter of a few seconds and the stroller is up and can be used.

Should I clean the stroller before I fold it?

You must definitely clean the stroller and remove all dirt before packing it away. Start with putting your stroller in a secured position and lock the wheel at the back. Push the brake pedal with your foot. Once you lock the stroller, start cleaning it with a damp cloth and a brush, removing all food remnants and dust. The handle bar must also be wiped.

Pull the loop handles located on one side of the seat and another side of the seat. Pulling them both up simultaneously shake the stroller until you hear a clicking noise.


If you live in an urban area, and you have more than one child, purchasing a baby jogger double pushchair is a great choice and literally is a life savior. It is extremely comfortable for the kids and easy to handle. Easy to fold, lots of room for little ones’ feet, fast to unfold, the frame is thick and strong, all of this makes the walking experience pleasant.

As it is one of the best double pushchairs on the market, it is worth recommending it to your friends and parents, who have two toddlers. They won’t be disappointed if they decide to purchase this pushing chair.

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