A step-by-step guide on how to fold baby trend jogging stroller

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If you are a lucky owner of one of the baby trend strollers, you have to know how to use it correctly, including the proper collapsing. The baby trend stroller is perfect for an outing with your baby, including grocery shopping. That might include having to fold a baby trend stroller, so it can fit into your vehicle.

In this article, we will share information on how different models of baby trend strollers work, and what you have to consider while folding them, and will also give you helpful tips and tricks for maintaining a baby stroller.

Why is it important to fold Baby Trend Stroller correctly?

All baby trend strollers have different systems of folding. You have to know how to collapse your particular model of baby stroller. Before purchasing, don’t neglect reading the detailed instructions that come with your stroller. It is critical to learn this information before using it.

If you don’t know how to fold baby trend stroller correctly or open it up, it might cause the stroller to fall and cause your child injuries. It might also damage the stroller itself.

That is why you read the instructions first, before using a stroller.

If you have lost the instructions, don’t worry, we have covered all the most popular strollers. Please read the step-by-step guide on your type of baby trend stroller below.

How to fold the baby trend tango stroller?

Unlike most other baby strollers, this one is known for being quite compact when folded. It also doesn’t weigh much, which makes it ideal for traveling. Let’s take a look at how to collapse such a stroller the right way.

1. The parking brake has to be activated.

Your baby trend tango stroller has to be secured to prevent any movements when you are about to collapse it.

2. Locate the tether strap.

The strap is placed at the back of the stroller seat, facing your way.

3. Drag the strap.

Start dragging the strap up. As you are doing that, the stroller will start the folding process. You can help it along by pushing onto the seat, so the fold is more packed.

And that is it. Your baby-trend tango stroller is in the folded position.

How do I collapse the baby trend sit and stand double stroller?

Time to look at how to fold baby trend sit n-stand double stroller. It won’t differ much from packing up the single one. The process is super easy due to a special technique.

1. Locate the release button in the center of the adjustable handlebar of your sit-and-stand stroller.

2. Press on it and, while holding it, fold a baby trend stroller forward until it is in a flat position, lying on the ground.

3. Double-check the secured latch. It should be in tacked holding the collapsed position of the baby trend sit n-stand stroller.

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How do I fold the baby trend expedition jogger stroller?

Folding the baby trend expedition jogger stroller can be challenging at first. After packing it a few times, you will find it easy and fast. Read the instructions carefully and try to repeat the actions at home using your baby trend expedition jogger stroller.

1. Locate the buttons on each side of the handlebar of the baby trend expedition jogger stroller. They will be red.

2. Put your fingers into the loops and drag both buttons up until they are released.

3. Your baby trend expedition stroller will start collapsing down. Fold baby trend expedition jogger stroller.

4. In a couple of seconds, your baby trend expedition stroller is ready to be carted away into storage or put into your vehicle if you are going out.

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How to fold the expedition double stroller?

Baby trend expedition stroller with two car seats is a gem for an active mom with two children. It allows you to stay fit while dealing with both kids. Baby trend expedition stroller with infant car seats is ideal for riding over different landscapes and has other interesting stroller features you will appreciate.

1. Start with securing the wheels by applying brakes. Baby trend expedition stroller shouldn’t move and must stay in place.

2. Locate the trigger buttons on each side of the baby trend expedition stroller, hook them up, and drag them upwards.

3. Continue leaning forward collapsing the baby trend expedition stroller until it will lay flat on the ground.

4. Secure the position with a special safety lock on the side.

If the front wheel is going to be in the way of fitting into your vehicle, it can be easily detached.

Is it difficult to collapse the Tri-fold mini stroller?

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Once you know how to do it, collapsing the Tri-fold mini stroller will be the easiest thing for you.

1. Start by bending the footrest down of the Tri-fold stroller.

2. Locate the button in the center of the handlebar and hold it down.

3. Proceed with moving the Tri-fold mini stroller forward until it is fully packed.

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What is the folding process of the Baby Trend Expedition ELX Stroller?

This type of stroller doesn’t have a compact folding option, but it is quite easy to do. Follow the steps:

1. Start with removing the tray.

2. Press the button above the front wheel to unsecure it for a folding purpose.

3. Move to the button at the center of the handlebar. Hold it down and push the seat of the stroller forward to complete the collapsing.

4. Make sure the latch on the side has clicked and fully secured the folding position.

Please note: If you weren’t able to find the information about folding your model of the stroller, please contact customer support https://babytrend.com/pages/contact-us

Advantages of the Baby Trend Strollers

If you haven’t decided on which stroller to purchase, the information below will help to convince you to pick one of the baby trend single jogging strollers or double strollers. They have interesting characteristics you definitely will like.

1. A removable child tray

A child tray that can easily be taken off when you need, is something that will be handy. You don’t always need it, and it might take a substantial amount of space. Being able to remove it, is an option you will appreciate having.

2. All-terrain wheels

Some models of the baby trend brand strollers such as baby trend expedition jogger stroller, have unique wheels that look like bicycle ones. They allow you to push the stroller with no effort, coping even with bumpy, muddy roads. It is especially handy when you have a jogging stroller and the landscape in the place where you like to run, is different.

Such big wheels cushion the bumpy motions, making the ride for your baby pleasant. They are also easy to repair or inflate if need be.

3. Can accommodate two children

If you are a busy mom of two, look into getting the baby-trend sit-n-stand double stroller. It allows your older child to have a ride as well, using a standing platform behind the seat.

The baby-trend sit-n-stand double stroller is unique and will definitely catch your eye for its mobility and comfort.

How to store the Baby Trend stroller?

If you aren’t planning on using your baby trend stroller for some time, you have to pack it away into storage space. First, clean the stroller thoroughly. After it has been done, fold a baby trend stroller according to the instructions for your specific model. Place the stroller into the case for easy storage.

Some parts of the stroller, such as the parent tray, and two cup holders, can be taken off to save space.

More Tips for Maintaining the Baby Trend Stroller

There are some helpful rules you have to follow if you want your baby trend stroller to last a long time. Follow them to ensure your stroller stays in perfect condition with proper stroller maintenance.

1. Never leave your baby trend stroller under direct sunlight. It will cause the plastic on the stroller to become fragile and eventually break. The fabric will lose its color. Also, the hot parts of the stroller might harm your baby.

2. After grocery shopping, consider placing the bags underneath the seat into a special basket. Putting them onto the handles will result in your stroller falling back and hurting the baby.

3. Clean your Baby trend stroller regularly with a damp cloth. This way, you will ensure no parts of the stroller will get damaged. If you find something is wrong with your stroller, you will be able to address it fast.

4. Never attempt to use a stroller that is broken. If you have discovered some broken or torn parts or loose screws, you have to contact the customer service hotline immediately. They will consult you on your further actions.

5. Before leaving the house, we advise you to check the air pressure in your front and rear wheels. If any of them are deflated, you must use the pump and inflate such a wheel.

6. You must always register your baby gear such as baby strollers and baby car seats with the manufacturer. In the event of a recall, they will notify you about it, and you won’t miss out on it.


Do jogging strollers fold up?

There are lots of offers regards portable jogging strollers on the market at the moment. There is no problem finding the one that will suit all your needs, will be compact, with safety features, and at an affordable price. Read the reviews, then head to the nearest baby store to test the chosen models out.

Before leaving the store, ask the consultant how to fold baby trend stroller, so you don’t face any issues later at home.

How do you fold a Baby Trend Navigator double jogger stroller?

The collapsing process of this double stroller isn’t different from a single one. Start with taking the seats off. Once it is done, grab the handles and drag them to each other to initiate collapse. When your double stroller is finally collapsed, secure the position with the release button.


Based on the information above, the folding process of different stroller types varies. It all depends on the actual principle of collapsing, whether you have to remove certain parts of the stroller first or it is just the one-hand fold technique. Hopefully, you were able to find the instructions for your stroller, and they helped you to perform the task.

If you know people who have become new parents and also have a baby trend stroller, share this information with them, so they don’t experience any issues to fold baby trend stroller. For any questions left, contact us in the comment section below.

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