How to install Britax car seat: A detailed guide

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How to install Britax car seat

The first piece of baby gear your baby is going to experience is the car seat. It is very important to choose the perfect one, based on detailed reviews. One of the brands of car seats that many parents choose is Britax. A Britax car seat is reliable and one of the safest on the market.

If you’ve happened to choose such one, you have to learn how to install Britax car seat. Use the Britax car seat manuals and these detailed instructions that include the most common questions people ask when coming across the Britax car seat installation. Let’s find out the steps and all the helpful tips.

Useful information before the installation

1. Rear-facing Britax seats

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  • Britax car seat installation for newborns must be done at a rear-facing point.
  • The maximum weight limits of a child that can use a rear-facing car seat are 35 lb.
  • The infant car seat must be strapped by a vehicle seat belt or attached to the car with a latch system at all times.
  • Always register your infant car seat with its manufacturer to ensure you receive an up to date information regarding recalls or the expiration date.
  • If the airbag is in active mode, Britax car seat installation must not be done at the front seat.

2. Convertible car seats

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  • When a convertible car seat is used for small babies, the maximum weight for a rear-facing mode is 40 lbs.
  • Toddlers can stay in a forward-facing mode until they reach 60 lbs.
  • Registering with the production company is advisable, as you will receive all the important necessary information regarding your convertible car seat.
  • Ensure you do not leave your child seat in exposure to direct sunlight to prevent parts of the seats from cracking.
  • Follow the user guide for the child’s age instructions when choosing what mode to set the car seat up in.

The process of Britax car seat installation with base

It all depends on the model of your child seat. In some cases, you could neglect to install a base for the infant seat, for example when you have to take it out often. In this case, it is more convenient to use it without a base.

Most car seats require the base to be installed to ensure that safety measures are followed. Let’s look into two ways parents install the infant seat.

1. Using the vehicle seat belt

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  • Start with choosing a spot on your vehicle’s seat where you are going to place a car seat.
  • Confirm the position of the car seat that it is rear-facing.
  • Take the base and place it at the desired location.
  • The vehicle seat belt must not be curving anywhere. If you find it that way, ensure you straighten it.
  • Insert the harness buckle through the rear-facing seat belt path and make it as tight as you can.
  • Check out the base so that it is positioned at a proper recline angle.

Your base is secured and ready for the car seat placement on top of it.

To remove the base all you have to do is to free the harness buckle and remove the vehicle seat belt from the path.

2. Using the LATCH System

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  • Select the best place in the back of the car to place the car seat base.
  • The infant seat must be in a rear-facing position at all times.
  • Plonk the base onto the chosen location.
  • Find the lower anchors hidden on the sides of the base.
  • Clip the lower anchors onto the metal anchors in your vehicle. You have to hear a clicking sound to ensure you have done everything correctly.
  • Test the tight installation by pulling and shaking the base a bit to ensure it stays in its place firmly.
  • The harness straps must be all tight.
  • The recline angle has to be checked to ensure the correct.

The car seat base is ready to have a child seat placed on top of it.

To remove the base you have to unclasp the lower anchors and fold them back into their spots on the sides of the base.

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How do you attach the infant car seat to the base?

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Once you have installed a car seat base, it is time to learn how to attach the car seat on top of it. Follow these simple steps:

1. Plonk the child seat on top of the base and force it down until a clicking sound happens.

2. Test the car seat by shaking it side-to-side to ensure everything is intact.

3. The handle must be folded down behind the seat so it doesn’t cause any harm to the child while the vehicle is moving. The recline angle must also be inspected.

Removal of the infant car seat off the base

The process of taking the car seat off the base is pretty simple. Perform as following:

1. Locate the release lever at the back of a child seat.

2. Push and keep holding the release lever while taking the car seat off the base.

How do you install a Britax convertible car seat?

The infant child seat has a rear-facing position only, while convertible car seats have both. Let’s learn the installation process for the rear-facing and forward-facing seat position for such clicktight convertible car seat like Britax Boulevard Clicktight, or Britax Advocate Clicktight, or Britax Marathon Clicktight.

For rear-facing car seats using a seat belt

Let’s look into the process of attaching the clicktight convertible car seat. It is not difficult once you know how the mechanism works.

1. To activate the clicktight feature you will have to push on the button located at the front of the car seat and spin it to the right.

2. After that you will be able to raise the front panel of the car seat.

3. An anti-round bar will have to be connected to the clicktight convertible car seat pipes.

4. Elevate the anti-rebound bar to ensure you connected it correctly.

5. Position the car seat rear-facing and lock it.

6. Following the rear-facing belt path thread the seat belt through into the belt clasp. The seat belt mustn’t be curving anywhere.

7. Ensure you tighten the seat belt as much as you can so the rear-facing car seat isn’t moving much and is secured for good.

8. Push down the clicktight, but make sure the harness straps aren’t caught.

It is crucial to check the car seat after installation that everything is tight and secure as it is about the safety of your child.

Note that there are almost no safety seats that use a rear-facing tether when in a rear-facing position.

For rear-facing car seats using a latch system

1. Start by opening the clicktight system by pushing the button and spinning the tumbler to the right.

2. Fasten the tubes to the anti-rebound bar and check the proper installation performance by raising the bar.

3. Position the Britax convertible car seat at the correct recline angle and lock it in that way.

4. Locate the lower anchor fitting and extract the full length of the harness straps on the right-hand side of the car seat.

5. Slip the connector strap through the belt path of the car seat and connect the lower connectors with the lower anchor on both sides.

6. Ensure the connector strap doesn’t have any excessive webbing, and if it does, you have to tighten it.

7. Shut the clicktight until it makes a clicking noise.

Checking the newly installed car seat is never an unnecessary thing. Never forget to move the car seat from side to side to discover any untightened parts.

Forward-facing installation of the car seats using a seat belt

1. Deaatach the anti-rebound bar before placing the Britax convertible car seat in a forward-facing position.

2. The top tether must be left on top of your safety seat.

3. Inspect the base of the car seat to confirm it is positioned straight onto your vehicle seat.

4. The seat belt has to be put through the forward-facing belt path underneath the clicktight and buckled into the clasp.

5. Straighten the connector strap and move to the tether.

6. Connect the tether to the anchor in the back of the seat. Most forward-facing safety seats have this extra attachment that improves the safety level.

7. Some models of safety seats have lock-offs that make sure the safety belt stay firm in the belt path.

8. Close the clicktight and perform the testing of the forward-facing car seat by moving it and shaking it to ensure it is

Forward-facing installation of the car seats using a latch system

The process is similar to installing the seat facing the rear.

  1. After you have opened a clicktight, shove the safety belt through the path and fasten it.
  2. Get rid of any excessive webbing by pulling the belt hard.
  3. Perform the testing of the seat to see how firm it is positioned.
  4. If you have a safety seat model that comes with a tether, attach it as well.

Converting a Britax convertible seat into a booster mode

Follow the straightforward process to do the conversion to a booster mode:

  1. The harness straps must be released fully.
  2. Unbuckle the seat belt clasp and the chest clip.
  3. By lifting the clicktight mechanism free the attachments underneath the seat cover.
  4. Reattach the harness straps from the lower anchor on both sides.
  5. The chest pads must be moved away.
  6. The connector strap must be hidden underneath the side cases.
  7. The clicktight has to be up so you can reach the hooks of the attachments in order to move the foamy base with the fabric case upfront.
  8. The padding must be slid through the window on the seat case.
  9. Position the foamy base into its place and clip the attachments.
  10. The next step is to connect the harness to the lower anchor from both sides of the seat.
  11. Push down the clicktight and after connecting the chest pads, buckle the clasp and the chest clip.

How to fasten a baby in a Britax convertible forward-facing car seat?

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Your baby must be restrained in a moving vehicle at all times. Ensure you follow the safety rules as it is your kid’s life. To fasten a baby in a forward-facing car seat is quite easy. Check out the steps you have to perform:

  1. Unclip the chest clip and pull the safety harness full length.
  2. Connect the safety harness to the harness holders.
  3. Plonk your child into a car seat and ensure he is sitting upright.
  4. Position all the straps around your child at a proper harness height.
  5. Fasten a child and remove slack from the harness by tightening it.

For any questions, you can refer to the safety technician or a baby store consultant. Do not neglect this important part as an incorrectly strapped kid will be at a greater risk of receiving injuries in the event of a crash.

Can I recline a Britax convertible car seat?

Angling the forward-facing safety seat at the right level is one of the most important steps in the seat installation process. The safety of your little one fully depends on it. In some cases, you might need to use a folded towel to ensure the desired level of the car seat.

  1. Reposition the lower connectors and release the safety belts by pushing the release key. Do it one more time.
  2. Proceed with reclining the seat.
  3. Check out the base of the seat, that it is positioned horizontally.
  4. The lower connectors have to be attached to the anchors at the back of the seat.
  5. It is time to strap the safety seat.
  6. The blue mark on the base should be used when you are in doubt about whether you have placed the safety seat the correct way.

The reclining of the safety seat brings comfort to your little one along with improving the safety level. For infants, it is crucial to keep their heads rested as the muscles of their necks are still developing. Their airways must stay open and free of objects at all times. Babies that age are too small and will not be able to sort problems out themselves if anything happens.

How to clean a Britax convertible car seat

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If you want to keep your forward-facing car seat in a pristine condition so it lasts longer and keeps its optimal performance, it is important to clean it regularly. That includes cleaning the base, the car seat frame, the padded fabric, and all the harness belts that the car seat comes with.

Apart from safety reasons, it is quite unhygienic to leave your baby in a messy safety seat. The known process of cleaning the seat is below:

  1. Start with taking off all the padding and fabric of the seat.
  2. Check the tags on the fabric for washing instructions. Some models allow washing the soft parts in a washing machine, but primarily the hand-wash is allowed. Use soft detergent so it doesn’t damage the material.
  3. Leave the fabric to dry outside to ensure it doesn’t lose its quality and the size will stay the same.
  4. The plastic parts of the safety seat will have to be wiped with a cloth dipped in soapy water to remove all dust and dirt accumulated over time.
  5. The safety belts will have to be pulled out fully and hand washed in water. It is important to dry it thoroughly before fastening it again.

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How do you fit a Britax car seat?

The most reliable brand of child seats has a certain process for fitting them into your vehicle. Conduct research on which Britax car seat can be purchased considering your situation such as the type of vehicle you have, the age of your child, and how often the safety seat is going to be used.

How do you install a rear-facing Britax car seat?

Depending on the model of the car seat, whether it comes with a base or not, and what mechanism of attaching it has, follow the instructions given in our detailed guide above.

It can either be installed using the vehicle belt or the latch strap.

To summarize

We hope we have answered the question “How to install Britax car seat“. Once you’ve followed our guide and done everything yourself, there will be no need for you to refer to the instructions again. We have tried to cover all the most common problems and questions parents usually encounter.

If there is still something you haven’t understood, do not hesitate to contact us in the comment section below the article. If you share the article with your friends it will be much appreciated.

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