How to keep baby cool in a car seat?

Over the past few years, the average temperature during summer time keeps rising. Many parents search for ways to protect their kids during the heat. So, this question becomes even more important. Let’s look into what you need to know to make time in the car more comfortable for kids.

How to keep baby cool in a car seat in hot weather?

How hot is too hot for a baby in a car?

Always remember that babies are vulnerable especially in the extremely hot time of the year. They heat up quickly, don’t sweat as much as adults, generate more heat than adults and adjust to heat slowly.

It is a matter of minutes and your kids life can be put up at risk. You have to be prepared and know what to do.

Pay attention to the weather reports and in case of a heat alert, help your kids to survive the extreme temperatures considering the methods described in this article below.

How can I keep baby cool without AC?

There are numerous options you can choose from. Some of them will require you to purchase some equipment, and some of them are just the way you will do things. Let’s look into each of them.

Keeping your car cool


One of the easiest ways is to make sure your vehicle is fully functional with all the systems working and geared up to fight the heat.

Change your schedule


Try to schedule your daily driving routine to be done early morning. Or evening, if that suits you.  That way you avoid a peak sun hour and traffic. It can make a huge difference. You will spend less time in a hot vehicle.

Choose parking in the shade


Don’t park in direct sunlight. Rather choose shaded parking spots or underground car parking.

Start your car earlier for air conditioning to kick in


It takes a few minutes for an air conditioner to start cooling down the air. By starting the vehicle earlier, you create a comfortable temperature in the vehicle for the baby and yourself.

Get the windows tinted


There is a laminate film that you can buy from a local store. You stick it right onto the glass surface.

. It keeps off up to ninety-nine per cent of dangerous UV rays, protecting the baby and the driver
. It also lows the heat in the vehicle
. Allows having some privacy if, for example, you need to feed a baby
. Helps you to stay more focused while you are driving by reducing eye strain

You must obey the laws regards to tinting as each state has a different windows tinting allowance.

Use a windshield reflector


If it is not possible to park in the shade, use reflective sunshades. The silver side of the sun shade reflects the UV rays, and the black side – prevents the sunlight from getting in. It is better to get two of them: for the front and the back window. It reduces the amount of heat accumulating in the vehicle substantially.

Changing the interior of the car


This advice is for those only, who are considering buying a new vehicle or replacing the covers of the car seats. It is a known fact that dark colours absorb a lot more heat than light colours.

Choose a lighter interior of the vehicle to minimise heat accumulation. The only downside of it is having to clean the seat more regularly.

Window shades

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An alternative to tints is sun blinds. The advantages are:

. It also helps to keep kids cool
. Provides a UV protection
. Easy to fit, specifically designed to fit your vehicle
. Adds extra security

There 2 different types of shades.

1.     The ones attach with suction cups

They have to be removed if you want to open the window, but it is a more affordable option.

2.     Tailor-made ones that clip onto your vehicle and allow you to open the windows to get more air into the vehicle.

We recommend choosing the tailor-made window shades because they are less likely to injure the kids in a car accident.

Keep the car seat cool

1.     Car seat cooler

There are different types of car seat coolers that you can get from the shop. They will help to lower the temperature of a car seat for your baby, reducing the temperature of the surface.


It is a big ice pack or a gel pad, that you put in the freezer first. Once it is frozen, it can be used to reduce the temperature of a car seat. Place it into the baby car seat a few minutes before leaving the house.

Cooler pads have some benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to fold and take with you
  • Can be used in strollers, feeding chairs, cribs and many more

There are different types of baby car seat coolers on the market. Do not buy the ones intended to be kept in the car seats. It is not safe. There mustn’t be anything in the car seats that the car seat manufacturers did not provide. Such cooling pads are not crush-tested and can harm a child in case of a car accident.

For those who are budgeting, the actual ice pack will do the job. Place it into the freezer. Once frozen, wrap it around in a cloth and place in the baby car seat. It will do just fine.

2.     Car seat shade cover

The cover has durable reflective material and uses the same principle of reflecting the UV rays as windshield reflectors. It slips onto your car seat and prevents it from heat absorption.


Remove a car seat cover before putting your child into the car seat. It reduces the temperature of a car seat surface by 30 degrees on average.

The benefits of car seat shade covers:

  • Helps to reduce the temperature of a car seat surface
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Easy slip on and off a car seat
  • Easy use, folds up compact for storing
  • Affordable price
  • Has a universal fit

Get the Noggle

The Noggle is quite a popular device that redirects the airflow of your ac vents onto the car seat.

The Noggle is a lightweight, flexible tube that clips onto the front vent and acts as a kind of AC vent extender to funnel fresh air to the back of the vehicle to keep kids cool. It is primarily used in old cars that don’t have vents at the back.

Works for both: rear facing car seat and forward facing car seat. Transfers the fresh air to where it usually doesn’t reach the baby.

The advantages of this method of keeping your kids refreshing in the car:

  • Work on nearly any vehicle
  • Easy to install and use, no tools required
  • Comes in different lengths, getting fresh air to the second and third rows of your vehicle and keeping it cool in the car
  • Variety of designs to match the style of your interior
  • Comes with different attachments to place the tube by the car seat
  • Recommended by car seat safety technicians
  • Can also be used during winter to keep your baby warm

The only downside of the method could be the price, but this one-off expenditure is worth it when it is your child’s health at a stake.

Can I use a baby fan for a car seat?

We wouldn’t recommend it as it is not safe and carries a great projectile risk. They are quite heavy and are difficult to be attached securely. They also don’t show great effectiveness because all they do is recirculate the warm air inside the car.

Best car seats for hot weather

If you consider buying a new car seat, there are some great options you should look into, that will help to keep your child cool in a hot car. Bear in mind to choose the car seat that matches the age and weight of your baby.

Car seats with breathable fabric including rear facing infant car seats

Over the past few years, car seat manufacturers developed a wide range of car seats that incorporate breathable fabric. The structure of the fabric creates layers of air ensuring your child doesn’t have a sweaty back.

Forward facing car seats with a sun visor

Small accessories such as a sunshade extender can make a huge difference for kids in the back seat. It provides up to 99 per cent screening of UV rays for your babies in the infant car seats and keeps the sunlight out of the baby.

There is an option for older children too – Baby Trend Cover Me all-in-one car seat

Even though the idea behind the long-lasting car seat is great, it might be wiser to use a different type of a car seat according to the child’s age starting with a rear facing infant car seat for small babies and finishing with a forward facing car seat with a longer car seat harness for older kids.


Car seats that monitor a baby in a hot car

The car seats that can save your baby’s life – Evenflo SensorSafe.

A line of car seats, including rear facing ones, that have a smart chest clip, that will notify you over the phone via Bluetooth whether your baby is too cold or too warm, seated in a car seat for too long or if you’ve left your child unattended.


It can also notify your emergency contact list if you don’t unbuckle your child for too long.

CleverElly device for the car

It is a simple plug-in device that can be used in any car to remind the driver to check the back seat before exiting.

  • Affordable price
  • Comes with built-in USB ports to ensure you still can use your cigarette lighter port for charging your phone
  • Different alerts that can play at random to check the back seat

How do I stop my baby from sweating in the car seat?

  1. Dress appropriately

It is best to dress your child in light breathable cotton clothing if you are going to be travelling by car. Avoid darker colors to keep babies fresh as they absorb heat. It is unsafe to put a naked baby in a car as she might get some injuries in case of a car accident.

Always keep extra dry clothing in the car in case of unpredicted situations so you can get kids changed in time.

  1. Use a cooling towel

Cooling towels are a type of towels that are made out of evaporated material. It uses the moisture from the towel to keep the heat away from the skin and stay cool for a longer period of time. You can wipe your child’s face, neck or body to cool him down.

  1. Water and water cloths

Always make sure you have a water bottle in the car. For a smaller child use a wet cloth to wipe the body and child’s hair. For an older child, it is best to use a spray bottle to cool them down. The cooling will happen when the water will start evaporating off the skin. Do not wet the child too much if you are going to be using air conditioning.


Safety tips as a precautionary measure

1.     Neglecting the car seat harness

We advise you to use a 5-point harness strap and to keep a child buckled up at all times. Even if your babies sweat a lot, do not loosen the harness up. It will save your kids lives.

Always remember that using accessories that are not car seat compatible a manufacturer-approved can cause a risk of injury to a child in case of a car crash.


2.     Leaving your child unattended

It is life-threatening to leave your baby in a car on the hottest days unattended. It is a case of a few minutes, and your child’s body temperature will rise up.

If you notice a child locked up in a hot car, please call 911 immediately.

3.     Projectile risks

The most common items that many parents don’t use correctly are roller shades, fans, suction cup shades and hard water bottles. They can pose a great impact on the child and other passengers during an accident.


How do you keep a baby cool in the car seat?

There is a number of options you can choose from. Starting with keeping your car fresh, parking in shade, having the windows tinted or using reflecting sunshades and finishing with choosing a suitable car seat approved by a child passenger safety technician.

What can a baby wear in a hot car?

Dress your child in light clothing made out of natural material. It shouldn’t be too tight.

Avoid uncomfortable puffy clothes that can also harm during a car child rides. Always have some spare dry clothes in case of emergency. It is all about your baby’s comfort and safety.

What car seats best suited for hotter days?

There are quite a few car seats on the market that can help you to keep children cool in a hot car. You can choose the ones with breathable lining, the ones that have a sun visor, or the ones that have a smart chest clip to notify you if your child has been seated for too long, about a child’s temperature.

They also are categorised by size and age restriction. You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when choosing one.

The final word

It is important all parents learn all these different ways to keep your kid cool in the car seat. Sometimes you might have to use a combination of methods to reach comfortable temperatures.


Never forget about safety measures. Do not store hard items or car seat accessories that are not car seat manufacturers approved in the car. Do not put your child’s life at risk.

We hope this article brought a little peace of mind and gave the answers to all your questions regards to keeping your little one cool in the car seat this summer, while you are on running errands.

If you have any questions, write them in the comments below. Please, share this article with other parents so they can also learn the tips above and use them to prevent tragedies.

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