How to keep car seat covers from sliding

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If you are searching for an answer to how to keep car seat covers from sliding, it means you have encountered this problem. Don’t get upset, many people experience this issue at some point. In this article, we will look into the main causes of this and also will give you suggestions on how to stop sliding of the car seat covers.

The main reasons for the car seat covers sliding

Have you ever wondered what could be the cause of your car seat covers to be sliding? There are actually a few reasons. Look at the list below to bear in mind:

1. The material the car seat covers are made out of and low quality of fabric used

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Usually, the fabric that they use to sew the car seat covers is stretchy and quite thin. It is done that way to make a universal car seat cover that will suit any type of the vehicle seat.

That makes the covers to slide off the car seats eventually, as every time a person will get into the car, the seat covers will be moved under the passenger’s weight.

2. The wrong size

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Even though most of the seat covers are universal seat covers, some of them do have sizes. Check it before purchasing. If you have a large vehicle, you will have to purchase the biggest car seat covers, so they are the right size to fit the seats.

Too big car seat covers aren’t ideal either. The sliding will be happening because of excess fabric.

Ideally, try to look for the car seat covers that are sewn for your specific model of the car.

3. Weather conditions

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You might find it strange, but the weather can also affect the way the car seat covers are going to be positioned on the seats.

During hot weather, it will help to keep the car seat covers in place, making it harder to be moved.

If it is cold outside and the car isn’t warmed up yet, the car seat covers will be sliding easily.

The reason behind that is the original upholstery of the seats. If you have leather seats, they will become more slippery, causing the car seat covers to dislocate.

4. Old car seat covers

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If you have been using your car seat cover for some time and the material has started deteriorating, the chance the cover will become loose is increasing. Loose seat covers will never fit the seat properly, hence the sliding will occur.

In this case, purchasing the new seat covers will solve the problem.

5. The position of the vehicle seats

The way you have the seats inside your car will affect the seat covers. If you have them at an angle, it is easier for a seat cover to slip out from underneath. In this case, to prevent the seat covers from sliding, consider the position of the seats in the car and the design of the covers, before purchasing them.

6. Extensive usage of the seat cover surface

If you spend a lot of time driving the car along with passengers, the seat cover will wear off faster. That can cause the seat covers to lose the non-slippery ability and will gain quite the opposite. In this case, you should look into getting new seat covers or keep car seat covers, but use one of the suggestions below to stop the sliding.

How to Keep Car Seat Covers from Sliding: 13 easy solutions

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So let’s have a look at how to keep car seat covers from sliding using temporary and permanent solutions.

1. Using good quality seat covers

When choosing the seat covers for your car, don’t try to skimp on quality. Spend a bit more money and get decent covers, that won’t fall apart after a month and will be non-slippery. The seat covers have to come with straps that can be adjusted for perfect seat covers fit.

The best type of covers is leather seat covers. They have excellent quality, will last a long time, look presentable and most importantly, won’t slide off the seats. They will be a perfect fit for any type of car. You will be able to pick from various designs and colors. They can also be water-resistant, which is a savior if you have children.

Leather seat covers will be easy to clean, if your child spills something. Just wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Easy to install seat covers, presentable look and no more sliding.

2. Ensure the seat covers installed according to the instructions

It is compulsory to follow the instructions that come with seat covers if you want them to be set up correctly. Failing to do so might result in something that you don’t want to happen – the covers will be sliding.

Spend a few minutes of your time for reading the guidelines to ensure seat covers fit properly to eliminate the sliding issues in the future.

To stop seat covers from sliding, remember to get the right size.

3. Use the attachments the covers come with

Usually, the covers come with hooks that help to keep them still on top of car’s seats. Do not neglect using them to stop seat covers from sliding.

4. Purchase a Bucket fitting Seat Covers

Consider getting this type of cover for car seats. Their feature is the perfect match of the car seats’ curves. Despite the angle of the car’s seats, the cover fit will change accordingly, preventing it from coming off the seat.

5. Placing a shelf liner underneath the covers

To stop a seat cover from moving all the time, you can position a shelf liner underneath them. The material the liners are made out off are some type of rubber, which is perfect if you want to remove slipperiness.

First, you attach the liner onto your car seats, then throw the seat cover on top of it.

6. Using the Velcro

This type of attachment of seat cover will definitely help to keep it in place. All you have to do is to stick the Velcro around your seat at the bottom, adjust the seat cover and then attach it to the Velcro.

The Velcro method won’t cost you much, but is quite effective.

7. Purchase the leather seat covers

Ideally, the leather seat cover is the best type of covers you can get on the market at the moment. They will solve all your problems at once. Leather seat covers fit perfectly, and they aren’t going to move along with a passenger.

If you have leather seats in your car, placing the leather covers on top will bring benefits such as keeping away the dirt, helping to protect the headrest and your covers will not slide anymore.

Leather seats are the best type of seats to have, with children around.

8. Adjust the Seat Covers

When throwing the cover onto the vehicles seat, don’t forget to tie it, according to the instructions that come with it. If the cover is sitting loose on the seat, it will start moving and will eventually come off the seat.

9. Attach soft less slipping seat covers

If you aren’t going to spend a lot of money getting expensive leather covers, take a look at cheaper options. There are different types of covers made out of long-lasting material. The surface of some materials is rough and that is what doesn’t allow the cover to slide.

Some types of material provide a good grip, so the covers sit on the seat nicely.

10. Fasten the seat belts over the covers

This is something you can consider doing as a temporary fix. For example, you have purchased new covers and didn’t expect them to slide so much. You can fasten the seat belts over the covers to hold them in place until you have time to deal with it.

The seat belt fix is a kind of emergency measure. Don’t use a seat belt as a permanent solution.

The seat belt must be used for strapping the passengers, the driver, and the child’s seats.

11. Purchase non-slipping mats for under your feet

As an option, consider getting special mats for your feet. That will help to keep you still while the car is moving, reducing the friction and hence the covers will slide less.

12. Using extra straps to tie the covers to the seats

This might help when the original straps aren’t strong enough and can’t supply a tight installation of the covers.

13. Tighten seat covers with zippers

Another temporary option to adjust the covers to fit the seats and make them stay in place by using a zipper.


How do you keep a seat cover in place?

To keep the seat cover in place, you can try to tie the straps, to use Velcro, place the special liner underneath the covers or just purchase the covers made out of non-slippery material.

How can I make my seat covers tighter?

For the covers to sit firmly on the seats, tie the straps around the car seat as tight as possible.

How do you secure seat covers?

To secure the cover, use extra straps in the middles of the seat or tighten the strap that comes with the cover as tight as you can.

How can I make universal seat covers fit better?

Universal car seat covers fit most of the seats, but sometimes they can be too loose. Use the methods described above to adjust them as tight as you can.

To summarize

We hope this article was helpful, and now you know how to keep car seat covers from sliding. Use the solutions described above to eliminate the problem.

Share this article with those, who might be interested to find out how to stop the seat covers from sliding. If you have any questions left, please leave them in the comment section below.

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