How to open Graco stroller: A detailed guide

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How to open Graco stroller

Graco strollers are the most known and quite reliable on the market. Usually, it is not that difficult to unfold them. If you are having problems with opening Graco strollers, our detailed instructions will help you to achieve what you need.

The process depends on the model of the Graco stroller, whether it is a single stroller or a double stroller. We will also provide small tips and tricks you can use to make this experience as easy as it could be. No need to fight with your folded stroller. Read our article and get the answers.

What do you need for opening the Graco model stroller?

First of all, you have to know the model of your Graco stroller. The process of opening will vary based on that. All Graco strollers come with different mechanisms and features that you have to consider.

The majority of single strollers and double strollers as well will have a similar principle so it will be easy for you to learn.

Some of the strollers will have one hand-fold principle.

How do I open different models of the Graco strollers?

In most cases to unfold a Graco stroller you have to locate a tiny part of the knob.

Once you have found it, raise it and then turn the small lever that you will find on a handlebar.

Raise the handlebar upward and your Graco stroller will unfold.

If that doesn’t happen, perhaps there is something stuck in the mechanism or faulty.

Some of the models will require you to just pull the piece on the knob and make the stroller open.

If by any chance the above instructions didn’t work out for you, refer to the owner’s manual your Graco stroller came with for more specific instructions.

The single stroller opening step-by-step guide

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If you have one child, a single stroller is what you need. Let’s see how to open Graco stroller, designed for only one baby.

1. Place your stroller on a flat surface with front and rear wheels touching the ground.

2. The handle should be facing up.

3. To secure the handlebar you have to hit the buttons on the side of the stroller. The handlebar is secured when you hear a click.

4. The latches on the sides have to be set free.

Note, because of the plastic latches of the Graco baby stroller, that hold the stroller as one piece, it makes it easier and more convenient to lift the stroller as it is not as heavy and to move it around.

Place one hand on top of the baby tray and one hand on top of the handlebar. Pull the stroller upright by pushing in opposite directions. To confirm that your actions are correct, the sound of clicking has to happen.

The double stroller opening

The process for unfolding the double strollers doesn’t differ much from opening a single baby stroller.

  1. In order to open a Graco stroller for two children you have to ensure it is positioned on the floor with all wheels touching the ground. The handles must always face up.
  2. Search for the storage latch at the center of a handlebar. Often the shape of the latch is oval.
  3. The safety strap has to be moved away, then you can process it by pressing the button.
  4. Open the Graco double stroller by grabbing the handles and lifting them. The double stroller should pop open. If you are having problems unfolding the Graco double stroller the first time around, don’t panic. This is perfectly fine when something doesn’t happen as described above.
  5. If you can’t open a Graco stroller, push the stroller seat down while lifting the handles. Usually, the front seat will be involved. A bit of force will help you to open a Graco stroller.

As you do it a few times you will gain enough experience to be able to perform the unfolding process blindfolded.

How to open the most recent Graco models?

One of the most popular newer Graco stroller models is the Graco click connect stroller and the Graco FastAction fold stroller.

So let’s find out how you should approach newer models with unfolding.

How do I open the Click Connect Stroller

The popularity of this particular stroller is that it is suitable for all the Graco car seats. You can also choose the way you want to place the baby seat. Your baby either can seat backward or face forward, which is very convenient.

Another thing you could try, to keep your child calm is to stay next to them all the time.

  1. The Graco click connect stroller has a lever that you have to locate behind the seat bars.
  2. Unlock it while pulling the handles towards yourself.

How do I open the Graco FastAction Fold Stroller

This model of the stroller opens with ease. It is known for being light weighted. To unfold the FastAction fold stroller follow the instructions:

  1. You must find a spot where the red strap located. It must be somewhere in the center of the FastAction stroller.
  2. Take the strap in one hand and the back of the stroller in the other hand.
  3. Lift the stroller forward along with the strap to unfold it.

Now, your Graco FastAction stroller is ready to be used.

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Unfolding the older models of the Graco strollers

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The older models of strollers differ from the newer models when it comes to an unfolding process. You will have to use more force and more actions. Below is a basic process to open Grace strollers of older types.

  1. Lock the older model Graco stroller by pushing the brakes located behind either of the rear wheels.
  2. The front wheel has to be secured as well.
  3. Then you have to look for a lever on the stroller frame that holds the stroller compacted. Pull it either up or down, depending on the model of the stroller.
  4. Once you open Graco stroller, unfold the hood over it.
  5. The stroller seats have to be pushed back.

What stroller from the Graco brand should I choose for my baby?

When choosing a stroller for your little one, consider one of the models described below.

1. Graco Jetsetter Stroller

This stroller has quite a few interesting features at a great price. It also is light weighted which is convenient if you carry the stroller around a lot.

The mechanism of the opening is super easy and can be done with just one hand of yours.

2. GracoFastAction Fold stroller

This type of stroller will allow you to keep exercising even with a baby. It has specifically designed wheels that can work nicely at any pace you choose.

Folding and unfolding will literally take you just a second.

3. Graco Click-Connect Travel stroller

The stroller will last your baby from the newborn age up to a toddler. The materials it is made out of are quite strong and durable. No doubt you will need to buy another stroller.

It also allows you to put in any car seat you decide to purchase.

4. Graco Modes Bassinet Travel System

The advantage of the travel system is that you won’t need to buy a car seat separately. It also has the option of transforming the pram into a bassinet mode for your newborn.

A large hood will hide your baby from sunlight. The compact size will make it a pleasure to fold and move away for storage.

How do you open a Graco umbrella stroller?

  1. One side of the pushchair hood has to be lifted and taken off.
  2. Open the pushchair and take its’ wheels off.
  3. Push one of the handles and move the other handle in another direction, so you can access the side panel on your umbrella stroller.

Now your pushchair is ready to be used. Just make sure your baby is strapped.

Safety tips when using a Graco Click Connect Stroller

It is important to always consider the safety of your little one, including the time when you are using the pram. That is why you have to bear in mind the following:

  1. All the safety straps have to be fastened before opening or closing the stroller.
  2. In any unknown or difficult situation, refer to the user manual.
  3. In time of putting your child into the stroller or taking him out of there, ensure the location is safe around you. The stroller has to stay firmly on the ground. Always use the brakes.


Why should you buy a Graco Click Connect Stroller?

This particular type of stroller is known for fitting every Graco car seat, which is convenient as you can choose any you like.

It also can control the way your child will be facing sitting in the stroller. The car seat can be placed either facing forward or rear.

What are the best ways to keep my Graco single stroller clean?

Regularly wash the stroller with a sponge using mild soap and warm water. Keeping the strollers clean will allow you to use them for longer and they will stay in their optimal state.

How do you unfold the Graco stroller?

The basic process is unhooking the top storage latch located on one frame bar on the side of the stroller, which keeps the stroller closed. Once that is done, lift the handles up to open the stroller.

At the end

Now you know how to open Graco stroller. We have tried to consider different models that Graco makes and described the basic steps you would have to complete to unfold your stroller.

If you still have any questions left, either refer to the user manual of your particular model of the stroller or leave a comment in the section below.

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