How to put baby mirror in car without headrest

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When you welcome your first baby, everything is new to you. You start worrying a lot about the baby, including the time when you are driving in your vehicle. There is a solution to this, that will keep your mind at peace – a baby car mirror.

In this article, we will tell you how to put baby mirror in car without headrest and what are the benefits of having such a mirror.

What are the baby seat mirrors?

It is the type of mirror that helps a parent to keep an eye on a baby behind without having to get distracted from the road.

Studies have shown a reduction in the number of car accidents caused by parents, being distracted by their kids while driving.

Having a baby car seat mirror in your vehicle is convenient and quite helpful. You keep looking at the road ahead instead of turning your head back all the time.

Your baby will also be able to see your face in the mirror and respond to you talking to her.

There are different types of baby car mirrors, but almost all of them have the same principle of attaching them to your front seat or in the back seat.

Do you have to have a baby mirror in your vehicle?

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It is an additional baby gear that parents purchase in a baby store. It makes their lives easier and a car ride more pleasant without constantly having to look back and console your small child that might be missing you or having another tantrum.

A baby mirror has a lot of advantages. Let’s look into them.

1. Reduction of car accidents

You get focused on the road rather than on the baby. It is easier to just have a glimpse in the baby mirror rather than having to turn your whole body back to see what is happening in the back seat.

That way you do not breach your child’s safety and stay calm to avoid getting into accidents.

2. Keeping the baby entertained

Some babies love to look in the baby seat mirror. It distracts them from being too bored and helps to keep them busy. During long car rides, it is a savior to prevent hysterics and keep your baby engrossed and happy.

If you set the baby car seat mirror the way you can see your child, you can show him faces to make him laugh rather than to see him crying.

3. Keeps you posted on the status of the child

When your baby is still quite small he can not tell you how he feels and what he wants. That is why a parent must have the ability to check on him every now and then to address his needs. That is when a baby seat mirror is a great helper.

4. Allows you to stay calm

It is important to be fully alert when driving a vehicle to ensure the safety of all the passengers and yourself. Placing a baby car mirror in such a position that you can see your baby’s face allows you to be in control and respond to your baby’s needs in time.

5. Helps to fight unnecessary anxiety

As a parent, there are a lot of things regards to your baby you are going to be worried about, getting unnecessary anxiety. A baby car mirror puts your mind at ease. You don’t need to play a guessing game and wonder what is your baby doing. Just look in a baby mirror and find out what your baby is up to.

Where do I attach a baby car mirror in a car?

To ensure the correct installation of a baby seat mirror you have to know the whole process. Usually, you situate a baby mirror in car in the back seat. Let’s find out how to put baby mirror in car without headrest.

First of all, check out the list of items you will need in order to perform the installation procedure.

· mirror

· clamp

· strap

· screwdriver

Easy steps of how to put baby mirror in car without headrest:

1. Position a mirror firmly at a desired angle in the back seat just on top of the tether anchor. This is the best spot to locate the baby mirror as it gives you the best visibility.

2. Place the clamp between the back seat and the rear deck of your vehicle. It will ensure a mirror stay firm in its place and is highly resistant even on a bumpy road.

3. Now you have to adjust the clamp by bending or twisting it so it fits the back seat shape. You have to be extra careful to not break it as it can be quite fragile. Failing to do so will cause a reduction in its lifespan considerably.

4. Tighten the clamp firmly so it doesn’t get broken during your car trip. These easy steps might need an extra thing done like clipping an attachment to the tether anchor.

5 Basically, you are done. It is now all about adjustment of the mirror. You have to test that everything is in tact prior to leaving.

Hop into the vehicle at the front seat and shut the door. Make sure you your side mirror is set up in a way that you can still see the rear door along with other cars on the road.

Get to the back seat and set up the mirror at the best position so it is oriented with the side mirror straight and provides a clear view.

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How do I attach a baby mirror in a car without headrest

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There are baby mirrors that can clip onto the headrests of the back seats of your car. It is not a compulsory thing to have headrests as there are other models of mirrors that do not require headrests.

Having a mirror at the back of your car helps you to keep your baby safe. The front passenger can also observe the whole area at the back without having to turn around.

If you intend to use the mirror in a car as entertainment, you will have to clip a baby mirror in the front seat. Use a velcro strap. Tighten it so the mirror will remain firm on its spot and regulate the angle.

As you can see there is always a way to make things work. If in doubt, ask the consult in the baby store to help you.

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Why do they call a mirror a baby monitor?

It works based on the same principle. You kind of watching your kid in the mirror like through a baby monitor. If needed you can act fast to respond to the small kid’s needs. It also helps to keep him safe. For example, if you see that he is chewing on something he is not supposed to, you can pull over and take it away to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring.


How do you use a baby mirror without a headrest?

It is supposed to be attached at the back of your car in a way that your baby can see your face in a rear-view mirror and vice versa. You will be able to see her.

How do you position a baby mirror in a car?

You have to place it between the seat and the deck of the car at the back. Adjust the clamp to repeat the seat shape. Tilt the mirror at a desired angle and tighten the clamp or a strap to secure it firmly.

To summarize

If you travel a lot in your vehicle and you have to take your kids with you, having a mirror is so convenient. Especially if you have more than just one kid. They can start fighting, crying, and hurting each other, if you have a mirror, you will track it in time and will be able to prevent drama.

Infants will feel more secure having constant eye contact with their parents. You will be able to respond to the infant’s needs fast. Seeing him sleeping soundly will calm you, removing the extra stress of having to constantly turn around to check on him.

We recommend getting a baby mirror. It is relatively cheap and easy to be attached without a headrest but makes your experience driving with babies in the car, more comfortable.

Now you know how to put baby mirror in car without headrest, please share it with your friends. For any questions left, do not hesitate to contact us in the comment section below.

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