A step to step guide on “How to remove Graco car seat from base”

Many parents choose the Graco car seats for their safety and reliability. All the popular models come with a removable base, that helps you to get your child in and out of the car with ease. In this article, we will teach you how to remove Graco car seat from base in just a few steps.

How to Remove Graco Car Seat From Base?

The process of removing the car seat from base is pretty straightforward. It can be done in two ways depending on the model of your car seat.

The release of the handle on the car seat’s base

Step 1: The latch strips have to be removed from your car seat

Step 2: The car seat’s cover has to be turned so it is facing down

Step 3: The handle of the car seat has to be pulled into the center at the back of the car seat so the latch can be released

Step 4: Turn the car seat over

Step 5: Slide the car seat out of the base

Step 6: Now the car seat can be placed in the location needed

Step 7: Attach the latch strap to the base to secure the seat

Using the release button on the car seat

  1. The car seat has to be detached from the car seat belt
  2. Press the red button, located on the side of your car seat
  3. Tilt the car seat forward
  4. Remove the child’s car seat from its base

How do you attach a Graco car seat base to a car?

What is a base? It is a kind of platform that you put in your car. It holds a car seat in place which keeps your baby safe in the event of a crash. You should remember to always use it.

Attaching a base to a car is simple. Follow the steps:

  1. Locate the slots on the car seats base to put a seat belt through
  2. Buckle a seat belt so it goes around the seat base
  3. Make sure it is as tight as it can be to secure the base in a car

Infant car seat base latch system

A base latch is used to attach a car seat to a car. It secures the car seat and prevents it from moving in the event of an accident.

In order to remove the car seat base latch simply press the button located on the side of the seat and pull it out.

The installation of front-facing convertible car seats using the latch systems

Follow the steps:

  1. Locate the front-facing belt hook at the back of the car seat
  2. Pull the latch from the back-facing belt hook and push it through the front-facing belt hook
  3. Check the harness straps and the latch and make sure they are not twisted
  4. The latch has to be fastened to the lower anchor of the base on the right
  5. Repeat the same procedure on the left side of the base
  6. Tighten the seat belt by pulling in the latch
  7. Clip the Graco car seat’s tether strap into the car’s tether anchor
  8. Proceed with the inch test

How to carry out the inch test

Shake the car seat in side to side direction. If the seat moves further than one inch, it means the straps are not tight enough and the base is not securely attached.

Secure the base of the car seat by pulling the straps as tight as you can.

The installation of A Rear-Facing Convertible Car Seat Using The Latch system

The process is as follows:

  1. Check the car seat for any defective parts that can have cracks or chipped-off pieces
  2. Make sure the latching clips and the safety belt of your rear-facing Graco car seat are put through the back-facing seat belt hole
  3. Check the belt and the latch clips. They must not be twisted
  4. Fasten the locking clip to the bottom anchor on the right side of the car seat base
  5. Pull the strap to secure the car seat in the vehicle
  6. Adjust the angle of the rear-facing car seat. It should be between 30 to 45 degrees
  7. Proceed with the inch test described above

Sometimes if you have difficulties positioning the car seat at the right angle, try using a rolled-up cloth or a towel placed against the car’s back seat at the bottom.

If you have any other problems installing the rear-facing belt path car seat into your vehicle, please refer to the instructions in the Graco owner’s manual.

To Install A Car Seat Using A Seat Belt

  • You must fasten or stow any latch attachments
  • Then examine automobile’s safety belt. Check the retractor and the latch. If that the seat belt does not lock, you will have to buy a locking clip.
  • Place your Graco seat on your vehicle’s seat, and then thread the seat belt through the right belt path.
  • Buckle the seat belt. Ensure that the he is locked correctly and the car seat’s angle is within the right range.

The installation process of an infant car seat using the latch

A step-to-step guide is below:

  1. Remove the bucket seat from its base and inspect the base, the belt, and the clips for any defective parts
  2. The child seat base must be positioned flat in your vehicle
  3. The latch clips must be facing the back of the Graco car seat
  4. Ensure the belt and the latch clips are not tangled
  5. Fasten the latch clips to the bottom anchors on both sides of the base
  6. Pull the belt to tighten the car seat base
  7. Angle the car seat
  8. Perform the inch test, and if the car seat moves for more than an inch, tighten the straps

Use a rolled-up cloth or a towel placed against the car’s back seat at the bottom, if you struggle to get the car seat at the right angle.

How to remove Graco convertible car seat cover for washing

The process is easy, follow the instruction below:

  1. After raising the headrest, take off the harness straps covers
  2. The buckle and the chest clips have to be unbuckled
  3. Remove the infant insert and loosen the harness straps
  4. The harness straps have to be pulled out
  5. The elastic straps and tabs have to be removed as well
  6. The car seat cover is ready to be removed.

Please refer to the Graco car seat manual for instructions if you struggle.

How to clean a Graco car seat

All Graco car seats have covers that can be washed in a washing machine. Remove the car seat’ cover and throw it into the washer.

The harness and the seat pad must be washed separately with mild soap and cold water. Choose a delicate cycle.

Clean the buckle using a damp cloth soaked in warm water and dry it before putting it back.

How can I put a Graco convertible car seat cover back on?

After you washed the cover, the process of putting it back is below:

  1. The headrest cover, the elastic straps, and the seat pad have to be put back on
  2. Push the harness strap through the seat pad
  3. Put the seat cover back onto the car seat starting from the back

How do I adjust the straps on a Graco convertible car seat?

In order to adjust them on your car seat:

  1. Put your child in the car seat and buckle him
  2. Adjust the tightness of the harness straps by pulling them
  3. Buckle the chest clip
  4. The harness must be placed below the child’s shoulders and be snugged

Where can I find Graco convertible car seat expiration date?

The Graco car seats have a label with an expiration date on it. Lift your car seat up and you can find it at the bottom.

Another way of finding out the expiry date is by looking in the owner’s manual.

If you register your car seat with Graco, it is possible to receive the date in your email.

How long does a new car seat last?

All Graco car seats are different and have different lifetimes. It is six to ten years in average. For precise information regards to your car seat please refer to the user manual.


How do you remove a Graco click connect base?

To remove a Graco click connect base you have to find a tiny lever at the bottom of the base and push it.

How do you remove a Graco car seat from a booster?   

How do you remove a Graco click connect base?
To remove a Graco click connect base you have to find a tiny lever at the bottom of the base and push it.

How do you disassemble a Graco Snugride 35?

To disassemble the Graco Snugride 35 lift the car seat and find 5 screws at the bottom. Loosen and remove them. Once it is done, slowly pry the car seat apart and watch out for connectors.


We hope we have answered the question “How to remove Graco car seat from base”. All the steps are easy to perform, as long as you choose the correct base for your vehicle. Please share the article with your friends. If you have any questions left, leave them in the comments below.

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