Safest place for car seat

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Safest place for car seat

There are a lot of things you have to consider when purchasing a child’s car seat for your little one.

It has to compile with the state’s laws and regulations.

It has to be suitable for the age and size groups of your child.

What is also extremely important is to attach the infant car seat properly.

You also need to know where is the safest place in your vehicle and how to arrange the installation of two car seats if you have two kids.

That and other useful information you will find out from our informative article.

Car safety seats regulations regarding the car seats placement in a vehicle

According to the studies that investigated the information from over 4500 car accidents, kids under three years of age sitting in the middle of the back seat of a vehicle had smaller chances of being injured.

It is important to keep your child in a car seat safe.

Do not neglect the information below.

The correct installation of the car seats in a vehicle

The car seats can be installed on different sides of the vehicle.

Let’s see, what are the options?

1. Installation at the front passenger seat

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This is the position for the installation of the car seats that most parents choose.

Some parents choose this spot so they can see the baby and touch her if comfort is needed at times.

You must always remember that you have to be focused on the road and not a baby while driving.

It might be a good idea to ask someone to come with you as a driver.

In cases when you have to be near your child due to some medical issues for example.

If the airbag mode is active at the front, installing the car seat at the front passenger seat is prohibited.

If you intend to use a car seat attached to the front seat, you have to either manually deactivate the passenger airbag, or do it automatically.

Only in that case, you will be able to place rear-facing car seats in the front seat.

If we are talking about the forward-facing car seat, the front seat of a vehicle will have to be moved further away.

You will get more space there.

Ensure the proper installation of the forward-facing car seat using a vehicle seat belt.

2. Installation at the rear seat behind the driver

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When deciding what spot in the vehicle to dedicate for the car seat installation, bear in mind such moments as parking and the side of the road and pathway.

To be on the roadwalk while helping your child get into the car is not the best option.

If you always park next to the sidewalk, consider placing a forward-facing car seat behind the passenger seat.

For the rear-facing car seats, it is crucial to check the correct fitting.

3. Installation at the center of the rear seat

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This option must be considered for vehicles that have lap and shoulder belts in the back seat.

This will ensure the baby is secured in the car firmly.

The center seat at the back is the safest place for positioning a car seat in a vehicle.

The only exception to this is when there are other directions in the car seat manual.

Why is it the safest spot to locate a car seat?

Because there are no airbags to be activated in the event of an accident.

So it minimizes the injuries a baby can get from an inflated high-speed air bag.

The middle rear seat location is not close to the doors of the vehicle.

If the glass windows will get damaged during the accident, your child won’t get cuts from sharp glass pieces.

If you happen to have a vehicle with a back seat with a lap-only seat belt, refer to the user manual.

Confirm that your particular car seat is allowed to be used with a lap-only belt.

Most car seats will not be able to be installed with such a seat belt and will require a three-point seat belt.

4. Installation at the rear seat behind the front passenger seat

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This spot is a more suitable place to stick car seats, rather than behind the driver.

That way you will not have to stand on the road while dealing with your baby and the car seat.

Most of the time you have to adjust the car seat and all the harnesses it comes with.

Eliminate the problem of having to stand on the road with lots of cars driving past and making it dangerous.

What is the safest place for a forward-facing car seat?

The best spot to place the car seats in a vehicle is in the middle of the back seat.

The other places including the passenger seat next to the driver can be used as well, but will not be as safe.

If you have the option to choose the front passenger seat or the back seat, opt for the latter.

The airbag located at the front of the passenger seat inflates fast in the event of an accident and will hit a baby hard, causing rather injuries than anything else.

What is safest place for a rear-facing car seat?

The rear-facing car seat must also be placed in the center rear seat of a vehicle.

The passenger seat is the least safe place for a small baby in a rear-facing car seat to be.

Even though putting your baby next to you might remind you to never forget your little one in the car.

It is a known fact, that around 40 babies end up being forgotten in a locked vehicle which ends tragically for them.

It is also known that babies are very vulnerable and in the event of a car crash, the airbag will hit the back of the rear-facing car seat.

It is right where the baby’s head will be. And as a young baby still developing, it will injure her severely.

Can I place a rear-facing car seat in the middle?

Absolutely. It is the safest spot in a vehicle to position your rear-facing car seat.

If you want to engage with a child more, purchase a car mirror that will allow you to keep an eye on a child without being distracted from driving much.

What is the safest place for a booster seat in a vehicle?

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A booster seat just like any other car seat should be placed in the middle seat of a back seat of a vehicle.

The rear center seat is named the safest one for any type of car seat you might have, including a booster seat and a convertible seat that can have rear-facing and forward-facing directions.

If you are in a doubt regards attaching the car seat correctly in a vehicle, you can consult the child passenger safety technician.

They are always happy to help you.

What to choose: to place a car seat behind the driver or passenger?

If you can’t position your car seat in the rear center seat, choosing between the driver’s seat or a passenger seat you should go for the latter.

It will be easier for you to observe the kid if need be.

Also, it will keep you both safe in time of getting in and out of the vehicle as you will not be standing on the road.

Where to place a car seat in a minivan or SUV?

It all depends on several factors and the type of vehicle you have.

If your vehicle has three rows of seats, choose a location in the rear center seat.

In case there is a bench seat, attach your car seat in the middle in a rear-facing or forward-facing, depending on your model of a convertible car seat.

What if there is no space in the second row to place a car seat as there are bucket seats? Go for the third row.

If you have more than one child, arrange the car seats’ placements in a way, that both your kids are sitting in the middle of the rows.

For more than two safety seats the arrangement should be as follows:

The first convertible car seat goes in the middle of the second row.

The second car seat should be placed in the middle of the third row.

Then a forward-facing car seat goes into the middle row behind the passenger.

In need of placing the fourth forward-facing car seat, it should be going to the third row behind the passenger as well.

Where to place a car seat in trucks without a back seat?

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By law, you are allowed to attach the forward-facing car seat or a booster seat at the seat in a front of your vehicle if it can hold at least 85% of the car seat.

Do not forget about airbag deactivation.

If the front passenger airbag is in working order, your child will be in danger of being in a car seat at the front of your vehicle.

What are the safest places for two car seats?

If you have two children, the installation arrangement will vary depending on whether you have a forward-facing seat, a rear-facing seat, or a booster seat.

In case of both safety seats are either rear-facing or forward-facing, the smaller child goes in the middle of the back seat and the older child will be located behind the passenger.

The older child will be able to withstand the impact of the car accident and will be less likely to get serious injuries.

In the case of two different types of safety seats, the forward-facing car seat must be placed at the center and the rear-facing car seat will be positioned behind the passenger.


Should car seat go behind driver or passenger?

If you have to choose the rear-facing or the forward-facing installation of a car seat, opt for the behind-a-passenger choice.

The car seat will have less of an impact from a car crash if it is further away from the doors.

Is a car seat safer in the middle or side?

For any type of car sear whether it is rear-facing or forward-facing, it is always safer in the middle of a seat at the back.

Always remember this when trying to arrange the placement of your child’s car seat.

Which side of car is safest for baby seat?

When you choose the side for sticking a forward-facing car seat, bear in mind that placing it behind the passenger is more convenient as you will not have to be standing from the roadside when strapping the baby in.

Is driver side or passenger side safer for car seat?

The passenger side is way safer for locating a forward-facing or any other type of car seat.

If you have a choice, rather place the infant seat in the center at the back of your car.

That’s where the safest place is.

To summarize

Now you know where is the safest place to install your car seat in a vehicle. It is always in the middle of the seat at the back of your vehicle.

If you want to protect your child and minimize the injuries that might occur in the event of an accident, follow the rules regards the car seat installation, described in the article above.

We have tried to cover every possible situation that might happen, including the arrangements of the seats for different types of vehicles.

If you have any questions left, do not hesitate to contact us in the comment section below.

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