What age can you sit in front seat in Texas

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What age can you sit in front seat in Texas

The Texas law regarding car seats and the children’s age limitations are quite strict. It is not a bad thing considering it is your child’s life we are talking about.

It is the case of knowing the laws and following them to ensure safe rides for your little ones.

Let’s answer the question of what age can you sit in front seat and what are the rules for kids of different age groups.

A guide to the child’s safety in the car seat

Even though there is no Texas law providing the exact information about car seats and the children’s age group, there are common rules you have to follow.

The requirements for children who are under eight years old and smaller than 4.9” must be strapped in a car seat at all times.

Infant car seats

If you have a newborn, you must purchase one of the rear-facing car seats. It is safer and more comfortable for your child. The seat belt secures the infant car seat base so it will not move.

The average child will outgrow such a car seat at the age of two years old, however, you should follow the weight limit guidelines.

Check out the car seat manufacturers instructions, it will tell you what are the weight limits for your specific car seat. Do not rush to swap the rear-facing seat for a forward-facing one as your child’s safety might be at risk.

The car seats for toddlers

For the child’s age between two to four years old, you should be using the forward-facing seat. It is better if it has a five-point harness system.

Always refer to the car seat manual regards to the weight limit for the particular car seat you are using. It is also important to track down the expiration date to ensure the child safety.

The car seats for the child aged 4-8 years old

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The kids of this age group can sit in forward-facing car seats in the back seat of your car. Depending on the model of the child’s car seat and the weight of your child, there is a possibility to start using a booster seat.

The age limitation is just a guidance for an average child. You should always look at your baby and choose the appropriate car seat according to her size.

The booster seats for the teenage age group 8-13 years old

If children reached the age of 8 years old but are still small, they can keep using the car or booster seats until he outgrows the size recommendations of the car seat manufacturers.

After the booster seat, you can allow your kid to sit in the back seat of your car strapped with an adult seat belt.

Following the Texas law regards to child passenger safety, it is allowed for the kids of this age group to use the back seat of the car along with an adult seat belt.

When can a child sit in the front seat of a vehicle in Texas?

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From the age of 13, your child is allowed to sit in the front seat with one condition -to follow seat belt safety.

The age restriction and a child’s size must also be within the guidance frame.

Child seat belt laws

Even though the requirements regards to car seats vary from state to state, you have to use a car seat for a child up to the age of eight years old. What might differ is the weight and height requirements that your child can be, when using different stage car seats.

The Texas rules for children up to two years old, are to use infant child car seats. It is better to choose a rear-facing seat so your baby can be safer during the trips.

If you are traveling to another state, make sure you learn the laws about the child seats there.

Children younger than eight years old must be restrained in vehicles. Child safety seats have to be chosen according to the size of your child. The car seat itself has to be installed properly either with an Isofix system or using a seat belt.

For correct installation please refer to the car seat manual.

An adult safety belt must be used for all children eight years of age and over 57′‘. They can also sit in the front seat of your car.

Is there any penalty for violating Texas car seat laws?

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When parents allow their young kids to sit in the front seat, they can be fined up to $250. The only time it is allowed is in case of an emergency which you will have to prove in court.

We advise you to obey the rules of the state and to accommodate growing kids in the car according to the child passenger safety laws.

What are the common injuries to children in car accidents

If you neglect using child safety seats when taking your child for a trip, it can cause serious injuries to your little one in the event of a crash.

Injuries of babies sitting in rear-facing seats

Especially for newborn babies that are still developing and quite fragile, it is crucial to use rear-facing car seats that will support their head and spine.

Because of the way the rear-facing seat is designed, it follows the curves of your baby without putting lots of strain on her back.

According to the statistics, serious injury can be avoided if parents do not forget to install the child car seats correctly, using the seat belts.

Installation of the car seat

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When it comes to choosing the right safety devices for your little ones, installing them in the adult seats is another question to consider.

1. A rear-facing seat

For small child passengers that cannot sit up front yet and up to the age of two, you have to use the child seats that are designed for them. They can come with a base, making it convenient to take a sleeping baby out of the car without disturbing them.

They are made n a way to support a small child, making his ride more comfortable and less risky.

2. A front-facing seat

The front-facing seat must be attached to the adult seats of the car with seat belts, to ensure child safety. Incorrectly installed safety devices jeopardize kids’ life and can even be fatal.

3. A booster seat

Booster seats are the most commonly used seats for kids aged eight and up.

To attach booster seats to the adult seats you must use seat belts. Check all the straps before allowing your kid to hop in.

How do I know if I am using a car seat correctly?

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Start with reading instructions carefully. It is crucial to install the safety seat the correct way to ensure the child safety otherwise the safety seat will not be any help in the event of an accident.

All the safety harnesses must be buckled according to the owner’s manual. If you have any doubts, head to the local safety technician who can teach you how to do it the right way.

Can your child sit in a front-facing seat?

The front seat is suitable for kids starting from toddler age up to 4-6 years old. You should always look at your child whether he outgrows his current seat.

A child safety seat must be secured at the back of the car, using seat belts. Make sure they are tightened at all times so the safety seat can be at its top performance.

When your little one stops fitting into his seat you must immediately change to the booster seat, so your child can be safe during car trips.

Is your child allowed to use a booster seat?

Children sitting in the back seat in booster seats are usually school-aged that met weight and height requirements.

The booster seats are known for their way of attaching to the actual seat of the car with a shoulder and lap belt. They don’t come with their safety harness.

Booster seats elevate children so the safety belt is positioned exactly over the strongest parts of the children’s bodies.

Most booster seats are designed in a way to just be placed in the back seat of the vehicle. It does tend to move with a child and the only thing that is keeping it in its place is the car seat belt.

There are some models of booster seats that can be attached using anchors, which in turn increases child safety.

Always refer to the booster seat manual to ensure the correct installation.

Can car seats expire?

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All the car seats including a booster seat have an expiration date. The average time for the safety seat to be expired is around seven years. It all depends on the model of the seat you are using.

The safety seat tends to get wear and tear and depending on how often you use it, the child safety will be put at risk if the safety seat is damaged. There might be minor cracks that you won’t even see, but in the event of a crash, the safety seat won’t perform as it should.

If you are thinking about getting a secondhand child seat, think about it as there is no way you can tell how people maintained it before and whether it has been into an accident or not.

It is advisable to buy brand new seats from the shop, so you can check the expiration dates and be sure it was never in any car accident.

The safety seats that are expired, must be recycled.

Should I replace the car seat after a car crash?

It is dangerous to continue using the safety seat that has been in a car accident. The micro-cracks, deformities, and other damages make the seat unreliable. The seats will not serve the purpose of protecting the child anymore.

Paid for by an insurance company

Such seats must be disposed of by the recycling companies. In some cases, the replacement of the seats that have been in car crashes will be paid for by the insurance company. It all depends on your insurance policy.

Trade-in programs

Some stores offer trade-in programs. They will offer a discount for the purchase of a new safety seat if you bring your old one. The old seat can be in any state. It is a good opportunity to exchange your old damaged seat for a new one and you don’t need to pay the full price.

Can you put your child on your lap in a vehicle?

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By law, all child passengers must be strapped while a vehicle is moving. You are obliged to use the safety belts for yourself and your kids. Failing to do so will result in a fine of up to $250.

Make sure you choose the safety seats according to the age of your little one.

To answer the question you are not allowed to put your child on your lap if the vehicle is moving.

When is it illegal for a child to sit in front of a car?

It is not allowed to have your kid to seat at the front of your vehicle if he hasn’t reached the age of thirteen. Do not jeopardize your kid’s life. Do not rush to permit to move to the front seat of the car sooner than it is allowed.

It is about the safety of your kids. When the time comes and your child is legally allowed to be at the front, you must make sure the seat belt is used at all times to protect him.

Some recommendations for child car seats

When it comes to the safety seats and protection of your children life’s, you have to consider all the preventative measures to make sure you are safe to drive with your little ones in the car. There are a few recommendations for you based on the experts’ opinions.

  1. Never use a safety seat that wasn’t purchased by you from the store. It is highly important to know the history of the seat, how long has it been in use, and what is the expiration date. Invest in buying a brand-new device so you can be calm.
  2. Upon purchasing a new safety seat, do not forget to register it with your car seat manufacturer. In case of recalls of your safety seat batch, you will find out about it and will be able to return it and exchange it for a new seat. It is quite important as it is your baby’s life we are talking about.
  3. When you purchase a new seat, read the instructions regards the correct installation carefully. If you have any trouble placing the safety seat into your vehicle you should either watch a video or head to the car seat inspection station. The experts with certification will help you to correctly install the seat into your vehicle and will provide helpful tips and tricks that you can use later.
  4. Take care of the kid’s seat to ensure the performance stays at the top level. Never leave it under direct sunlight because it can cause the plastic parts to develop cracks, so the seat won’t be performing as it should. All the dirt must be removed as soon as you can so the fabric lasts the whole time of the safety seat lifespan.


How much does a child have to weigh to sit in the front seat of a vehicle in Texas?

All children from eighty pounds and up are legally allowed to choose the front seat for the car rides.

It is strictly advisable to not forget about the safety precautions and the necessity of seat belts to be used.

Can a 9-year-old sit in the front seat?

No, he can’t. A nine-year-old is allowed to sit at the back without any safety seats but he has to use a safety belt.

Can a tall 11-year-old sit in the front seat?

The same as previous, the answer is no, you can’t have your eleven-year-old sitting at the front as by law the age of allowing to sit at the front is from 13 and up.

Can a 10-year-old ride in the front car seat in Texas?

In Texas, as in any other state of America kids, this age must be sitting at the back of the vehicle buckled with safety belts to ensure their safety during the car rides.

How tall do you have to be to sit in the front seat Texas?

The size of the child must be over 4.9” to be allowed to be in the seat next to the driver. There are some exceptions to this rule for example when the child’s booster seat is broken or the safety belts in the back aren’t working and your child is under 13, it is way safer to allow him to be at the front.

To summarize

When deciding what car seat to purchase for your child, refer to the average child’s age and size recommendations. There are also instructions from the car seat manufacturer that you can use when there is a need to accommodate growing kids.

Kids from the age of thirteen and up can use the front seat of your vehicle if you make sure all the seat belts are buckled.

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